A Tribute to Those Special Men Who Have Touched Our Lives
A Tribute to Those Special Men Who Have Touched Our Lives
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There is something in us - inscribed in our hearts - that says, "Honour your father and mother." That is how it is written in the Bible, but you can find it in all religions. Ancient Chinese scholars recommend, "Surely proper behaviour to parents and elder brothers is the (tree) trunk of goodness. Therefore, devotion to parents and ancestors is always considered the highest of virtues.

What a bond I have with you, Dad! If I could write a story, it would be the greatest story ever told - of a kind, honest, loving father, a provider, a disciplinarian and a very wise man. Growing up I do not remember you ever being ill, but during these last 4 1/2 years that you have been battling cancer in your quiet, steadfast way, I have realized that you will always be my Superhero. You are the direct route to contentment and serenity. I should be giving you strength, yet somehow you are allowing me to draw strength from you as you prepare me for your inevitable future.

With Father's Day here and gone, everyone was brain storming for ideas about what kind of gift to buy their special man that he has not received many times over, such as books, a shirt and the ever popular necktie. And Dad is the toughest guy to shop for, isn't he Well, fortunately I have some fantastic gift ideas for Dad and what is even more fantastic is they do not have to be just for Fathers. As "nontraditional" family structures become more common, any nurturing man -  a grandfather, a step father, a brother, a brother-in-law, an uncle, a neighbour or perhaps another special man who is "like a father"- is likely to be honoured on Father's Day or at some other special celebration, such as birthdays and anniversaries or just because. My Dad has always been deeply moved by thoughtful loving gestures and I'm sure your Dad is no different, so don't miss this opportunity to show him how important he is to you. There are quite a lot of men out there who enjoy technology related gizmos and gadgets so why not have a peek at some of these ideas and see if they fit that special guy in your life.

A Flat-Screen TV

Most Dads think they own the remote and the couch, but finding a flat-screen TV that will last more than a few years, isn't easy. And there's a big difference between seeing the game and seeing every split second of it. If you plan to get Dad a flat-screen TV, go with Samsung's innovative 8500 Series. This bad boy is capable of a 7,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio for extreme detail and image depth and an ultra-quick 2ms panel response time for fast-paced content. So whether he is cheering on his favourite team in HD, watching James Bond on a blu-ray or fighting crime on his favourite channel, he will be blown away by the picture quality this box can deliver. Remember not to put it in a cabinet as LCDs generate lots of heat and need adequate ventilation. Mount it on the wall and save him tons of space; he'll love you even more!

An Apple

If your budget is flexible and you are keen to present your father with a gift perfect for him to enjoy listening to his favourite music on, then why not look into Apple If you are planning to get him a portable device, it might as well be an Apple iPod Nano. This model has been completely redesigned to accommodate multi-touch technology which is seen in the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch as well as being half the size of an iPod. Even if he's not into gadgetry, the Touch is a great way to give him the convenience and fun of an iPhone without the monthly bill.

A Video Camera

If money isn't a drawback, consider a JVC Everio GS-TDI for your father. JVC has produced the first consumer-grade camcorder to shoot two frames of Full HD in 3D mode, using a pair of parallel lenses and CMOS sensors. The resulting MP4 format is proprietary, but JVC's approach also means better low-light performance even when shooting 3D in AVCHD mode. It's the first consumer-grade camcorder to offer optical zoom in 3D mode, too. With a range of manual features as well, the GS-TD1 has loads to offer enthusiasts wishing to move into 3D.

DVDs, CDs and Certificates

Pick out a stack of movies or old TV shows (Archie Bunker is still my Dad's favourite TV Dad) that you think your father will enjoy. Also, music CDs are a good choice and there are tons of throwbacks and boxed sets to pick from as well. You might even find a dollar bin full of random records and musical gems. If you are unsure of his choice of music, movies or TV shows, play it safe and buy him a gift certificate.

What's Left

Since the way to a man's heart is through his stomach (or so goes the saying), why don't you cook up some of your father's favourite recipes, purchase a couple bottles of wine and invite your loving family to join you.

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