Who is the best expert of public corporations in Korea?
Who is the best expert of public corporations in Korea?
  • Song Kyung-ho, Research Analyst at Korea Institute
  • 승인 2011.06.22 09:30
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Song Kyung-ho, Research Analyst at Korea Institute of Public Finance

From Sommelier to animal psychotherapist, the era of specialists has come.

In 2011, there are 286 state-owned entities in South Korea. Putting aside the issue on the scope and number of state-owned entities, they are vital to the functioning of the economy.

We are faced the following circumstances. A growing emphasis on public policies to promptly respond to the recent global financial crisis. Legitimate adjustments to public policies effectively resolving problems related to the current downturn such as undergrowth, intensified global competition and a deteriorating labor market. An increased demand for a customized management system respecting the different characteristics and roles of individual SOEs

In order to cope with the recent situation, the Research Center for State-Owned Entities, the expert on SOEs, was organized. The Research Center for State-Owned Entities currently belongs to Korea Institute of Public Finance subject to the law 'ACT ON THE MANAGEMENT OF PUBLIC INSTITUTIONS'.


Foundation Objective

  • Specialized research and data accumulation to raise understanding of SOE's roles and contribution to national economy
  • Systematic maintenance and support systems to secure the validity and objectiveness of the performance evaluation process for SOEs



  • May 17: 6th OECD Asia Network International meeting
  • May 3: Joint Conference for Advancement of State-Owned Entities
  • May 11: International Symposium in Celebration of Center's Opening
  • Mar 9: Workshop for best practice of Advancement of State-Owned Entities
  • Jan 20: 1st Policy forum for SOEs
  • Sep 30: Approval from National Research Council for Economic, Humanities and Social Sciences


Organizational Chart

Research Center for State-Owned Entities

Executive Director

Public Policy Research Team

Management Evaluation Research Team

  • Research on advancement of SOEs
  • Research on the role of SOEs in connection with the national GDP
  • Research on remuneration system and relationships with labor unions
  • Research on industrial economics
  • Project alliance with other domestic and international institutions
  • Research on performance evaluation system of SOEs
  • System reform
  • Feedback system
  • Various surveys for SOEs management in addition to maintenance of all related database and statistics



  • Support resolution of national challenges and advancement of SOEs
  • Provide tools for revision of current SOEs policies and further future development
  • Develop sustainable management policy to improve efficiency and productivity of SOEs operations
  • The best public research center serving the nation and people



Today, few are be able to believe that government officers know everything about public policies and are able to make the right decision every single time. Instead, the objective analysis of experts plays a vital role in conducting public policies. The power of central Government is shrinking and being transfered to the public, which is called decentralization. As a result, the importance of SOEs in the economy has been and will continue to be emphasized. The  Research Center for State-Owned Entities is expected to make a great contribution as an expert of South Korea SOEs.

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