Wind Power Should Grow with Local Community
Wind Power Should Grow with Local Community
  • Choi Hyung-kyu
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Seminar Gathering

The Korean Wind Energy Industry Association (KWEIA) held their 'Wind Power Industry Seminar' at L-Tower in Seoul, Yangje-Dong on the 15th of June.

This seminar, held in celebration of Global Wind Day (June 15th), was attended by government and wind power industry officials who discussed plans and policies to vitalize the wind power industry.


President Lee Rim-Taig of KWEIA gave a keynote speech on wind power export and foreign cases while while Yoo Jae-ho, Deputy Director of MKE explained the status and strategy to enhance the wind industry of Korea,and Lee Chang-Ho, head of the power industry center of the Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute held a presentation on renewable portfolio standard (RPS) management protocols. Other key wind power industry officials attended the seminar to talk about wind generators and installation issues.


In addition, Kim Jung-Kwan, vice president of Ministry of Knowledge and Economy held a separate meeting with system manufacturing companies including major part suppliers to discuss the current situation of the Korean wind power industry and future implications.

"We planned this special seminar to celebrate World Wind Power Day on the 15th," stated an association representative, who explained that "the seminar will proceed on themes that have become issues recently or those that industry executives have special interests in."

The official went on to state that "We need a well supported growth of the wind power industry through participation from local communities and power bank policies. The government and local governments also needs to support the industry with commercial viabilities."


President Lee Rim-Taig of KWEIA made a statement about the invigoration of the wind power industry and its expansion at the 'Wind Power Industry Seminar.'


President Lee emphasized a 'community wind power' policy where landowners or local communities acted as stockholders to develop the wind power industry. Also, he revealed his plans for an 'electricity banking system' and easier power grid connections which would allow proper utilization of the power difference between cities and rural areas.


He also stated that "America, Canada and Germany are seeing an expansion in policies where local communities participate as stockholders of wind power industries. The electricity banking system would allow people in the city to utilize wind power facilities located in rural areas and receive power at their homes."


Vice Minister Kim, Chairman Lee, Vice chairman Choi are under discussion with CEO of system manufacturers

President Lee as well as Park Byung-Chun of the Korea Energy Management Corporation, Lee Chang-Ho of the Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute and Professor Park Jong-Bae of Konkuk University gave speeches during this event, which was held to celebrate global wind day


Vice President Kim Jung-Kwan of Ministry of Knowledge and Economy attended this event, claiming that "(Just as other domestic industry growth is) Under criticism that we are helping the Japanese parts/material market grow, and I am concerned that the wind power industry might also come under such criticisms." He added that "If there is confidence that an excellent product can be manufactured locally, we have plans to fully support the parts/material industry and I also have high hopes that the world's leading corporations in wind power will come from Korea."


His speech expressed worries of the 'cormorant economy' - where due to the high dependence on the parts/material industry in Japan and despite the high export rates of Korean companies, the actual benefits still end up going to Japan - happening in the wind power industry. Actually, the dependence on imports of key parts such as gearboxes and rings of domestic wind power system companies is still known to be high.


President Choi Seung-Sik of Taewoong expressed his support for domestic companies by stating plans to provide forged parts at lower prices to domestic corporations.


Chairman Choi stated that "Domestic wind power system companies are currently growing and this is quite inspiring. We are currently supplying forged parts to key wind power companies such as Siemens and Vestas, and we have plans to supply domestic corporations our products at reduced prices to encourage their competitiveness.


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