Suryo Sulisto's Special Visit to the IT Night
Suryo Sulisto's Special Visit to the IT Night
  • Chun Go-eun
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Suryo B. Sulisto, Chairman of Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Vanguards of the fastest growing IT nation in the world gathered together to commemorate the founders and contributors of the highly advanced society we live in today. At this annual event, a special visit of Suryo B. Sulisto, from Indonesia, created a new aura to the Information VIP banquet. His presence was significant in a way that "IT Night" is not only for the IT men of Korea. As the Chairman of Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Sulisto said, "Enhancement of economic innovation is essential. I am very pleased to be here and I try to extend stronger economic relations with Korea.

Suryo B. Sulisto (right), Chairman of Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry was awarded with a gratitude plaque by Cho Sung-kap (left) , Chairman of IPAK  for his contribution to the collaboration of the both countries

This self-made businessman is very active in various business and civic oragnizations in Indonesia. Among many of his responsibilities he is chariman of the Indonesian Indigenous Business Association with two million members. With his leadership in multiple different organizations and success in business, he seeks the next business in Indonesia to be in the IT industry. "IT is one of the sectors that our government gives top priorities. I think Korea is a well developed country in IT and is the best country that has all the IT capabilities, that's why we would like to invite Korean companies to work with us and to take advantage of many opportunities in our country. It is because we are building IT infrastructures in a big way, such as broad band. The reason why we are setting up lots of infrastructure is because computer users are still very low in Indonesia, 5% of the population has internet access in our country. We plan to increase this up to 25 % within next five years. That's the big challenge we are facing. That's why we seek collaboration with Korea." Korean IT infrastructure was built within only three decades, yet its IT infrastructure is at the top. Partnership with Korea is very promising in updating technologies."

Chairman Sulisto noted on the compatible enonomy of both Korea and Indonesia as well. "I think the Korean economy and Indonesian economy are complimentary. We import from you something that we can't produce. We export you something you can't produce such as palm oil, and rubber. We certainly would like to see the trade that we have now. I personally think between Korea and Indonesia there are a lot of potential so, we should trade much more than what we have so far. That's why I am here. I would like to enhance our economic relation in the IT sector and others as well."
As the chairman of Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mr. Sulisto is tuned to the greater good of his country. Increasing jobs and income are the challenges he is encountering and the collaboration bewteen the two countries suggest the bright future for both countries.


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