Napatech Introduces Quad Port 10G Adapter
Napatech Introduces Quad Port 10G Adapter
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ANDOVER, Massachusetts, June 28, 2011 - Napatech, the world leading provider of intelligent adapters for network analysis, today announced the introduction of a new 4 port 10 GbE intelligent network adapter. The NT40E2-4 provides the same extensive feature set at double the port density of the NT20E2 (2 ports 10G).
"Network traffic continues to grow as more applications are being supported by IP networks", stated Erik Norup, President, Napatech Inc. "There is therefore a need for network appliances with higher port densities as IP networks are extended to keep up with demand."
The announcement of the NT40E2-4 follows the recent announcement of the award winning NT40E2-1 single port 40 GbE network adapter, the world's first 40 GbE intelligent network adapter, which is now shipping to customers. The new NT40E2-4 provides the same features and performance for both SONET/SDH and Ethernet interfaces.
"The NT40E2-1 and NT40E2-4 can be seen as complementary products", added Norup. "It won't be possible to upgrade all network interfaces to 40 GbE right away, so having a complementary 4x10 GbE network adapter that is plug-and-play compatible helps in migrating the existing network appliance from 10 GbE to 40 GbE as the network is upgraded."
All Napatech network adapters are supported by a common driver providing a single application programming interface. This allows OEM vendors to develop application software that is suitable for a range of network appliance products supporting multiple 1 GbE, 10 GbE and 40 GbE interfaces.

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