Box Introduces Certified Partner Programs to Get Partners and Customers to the Cloud More Quickly
Box Introduces Certified Partner Programs to Get Partners and Customers to the Cloud More Quickly
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Box today announced programs for Certified Reseller and Solution Providers, designed to accelerate and optimize the adoption of Box's cloud content management solution within businesses of all sizes. These new programs will define the changing role of service providers and resellers as their customers transition to cloud services. The program also accelerates Box's momentum across new industries and global markets. Box is launching its new Certified Reseller and Solution Providers programs with over 30 new partners including Appirio, HEDLOC and PCMall.

When working with on-premise solutions, resellers and solution providers focus on complex implementations that continuously change due to software updates, hardware configuration changes, and integration challenges. Through Box, partners can now concentrate on their customers' critical business needs by providing a simple, open content management solution that reduces complexity. In a keynote to over 275 VARs and service providers, Gartner analyst Tiffani Bova said that "partners should select vendors that demonstrate a grasp of the new reality, and those vendors should understand how to manage the shift from product to service; new pricing models; and what may or may not cannibalize on-premises products." During that same keynote, Bova also said that "the transition between eras is never smooth, but cloud is your future." (1)

"The cloud is rapidly tipping for businesses, empowering companies to adopt best-of-breed solutions without the complexity and costs of legacy services," said Karen Appleton, vice president of business development at Box. "But the cloud does come with a new set of challenges, and at Box we're equipping trusted partners with the necessary tools to help organizations -- from SMBs to Fortune 500s -- make this transition smoothly and successfully."

Available today, Box's programs have been designed specifically for cloud-minded resellers and solution providers. The programs allow partners to deliver and build cloud solutions to best meet the needs of their customers. Box Certified Partners will benefit from the following:

· High recurring revenue margin (30% over the lifetime of the account*; other vendors offer partners an 18% margin for the first year, which then drops to 6% for subsequent years)
· Ability to manage all aspects of the sales cycle
· Opportunity to create custom integrations and solutions
· A Partner toolkit, which includes Box APIs and sales and marketing materials

Appirio is a cloud solution provider that helps enterprises accelerate their adoption of the cloud. Using the company's CloudWorks broker technology, Appirio is building custom and packaged integrations that connect Box to other leading cloud platforms. "As the number of SaaS applications grow and integrations become tighter, it's our goal to take on the complexities for our customers," said Glenn Weinstein, CTO of Appirio. "Box's simple and open platform makes this easy, and with this partnership we'll be able to build solutions for our customers that are unique and meet their specific business needs."

HEDLOC is the leading Google Enterprise partner in Asia Pacific, and will be distributing Box in that region. "The cloud is becoming more and more prevalent across our industry, so finding the right partner was critical to us," said Bruno Pisano, president and CEO of HEDLOC. "Being Box's exclusive distributor in the Asia-Pac region means our customers now have access to a powerful cloud content management solution that allows them to manage their files from anywhere, at anytime and on any device."

PCMall is a value added direct marketer of technology products, services and solutions, and will be reselling Box globally. "Our customers count on our expertise in cutting-edge technologies that can help their businesses grow, so we have made a strong commitment to supporting and selling cloud-based technology and services," said Kris Rogers, EVP of sales and marketing at PCMall. "Box provides its partners with all the necessary training and tools to ensure we're fully leveraging the power of the cloud for their product."

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