Teknek's Superior 'Contact Cleaning’ System Performance Independently Verified
Teknek's Superior 'Contact Cleaning’ System Performance Independently Verified
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Independent research carried out by DuPont / Teijin Films1 has clearly demonstrated that contact cleaning is more efficient than traditional vacuum systems - on average 30% better!
In the experiment, carried out in clean room conditions, DuPont Teijin engineers measured the efficiencies of both methods of cleaning polyester films, prior to a vacuum coating process.
It is well known that the presence of surface contamination impairs the quality and function of vacuum coatings on polyester substrates.  If there are discrete particles on a polyester surface during such coating operations this can cause discontinuities to be formed, leading to what are commonly called "pinholes". The testing took into consideration particle sizes in the ranges of 2-10µ, 10-20µ, 20-30µ, 30-40µ, 40-50µ, 50-60µ and over 60µ. 
Ruaridh Nicolson, Teknek's sales and marketing manager said: "We have always known that the contact cleaning method and Teknek's cleaning cores in particular offer customers superior cleaning results."

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