Interview : Kwon Hee-min, director at Samsung Electronics Digital Solution Center
Interview : Kwon Hee-min, director at Samsung Electronics Digital Solution Center
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Will Confident to Lead Global Home Networking Market

Heemin Kwon
director at Samsung Electronics Digital Solution Center
Q: What are Samsung's business developments in the home networking market

A: We have promoted our home network division as one of our future solution businesses since 2000. We have provided home network total solutions to apartments these systems control not only home electronics products such as air conditioners, washing machines, dishwashers and gas oven ranges but also remote parking and remote climate control.

Q: What are Samsung's strengths

A: Home networking is a nextgeneration growth industry and is at the initial stage of development. Because of this, we are concentrating our efforts on making the usefulness of home networks better known before strengthening the image of our brand "Home Vita."

As the home network is an axis of ubiquitous business, it is important for people to experience the convenience of a home network, going beyond a simple understanding of the concept. Thus, we are providing more opportunities for people to experience the new digital lifestyle.

Q: What are your investment plans for the development of home network solutions

A: Based on Korea's well developed broadband network backbone and related infrastructure, we have been working to promote digital home business and this has led us to become a global leader in terms of commercialization of the technology. Nevertheless, we lag behind in terms of core technology. In particular, we have to exert more efforts into securing middleware and connectivity technologies.

We are working to provide more convenient and diverse services by realizing digital home environments. In particular, in order to provide differentiated services, we are considering launching a home portal business through which multiple services can be provided through digital home electronics.

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