Shinwoo enables the Disabled
Shinwoo enables the Disabled
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There is a saying that goes, "The society we live in should be judged by the way we treat the weak, the disabled, and minorities." ShinWoo Frontier (, has paid attention to that saying, and has created something in which people with disabilities can get on with their life and get lifted with self-confidence. ShinWoo's wheelchair and stairway lift system moves them up and down in every corner of society: the subway station, railways, public buildings, hospitals, schools, and churches.  The company installs and optimizes chair lifts of a few different types (inclined, vertical, chair-shape, and moveable) of their devices. These good intentions result in the names like Korea's First, High Level of Trust, and the Highest Volume of Past Records while locking itself a solid place in the industry.

Let us first take a look at Shinwoo's inclined wheelchair lift. This can move the disabled up and down following a rail bar as they toggle a joystick-like stick. With this handy device, long or short stairs pose no problem at all for them, even earning them an envious glance from passers-by. Two different types have been introduced: 225kg and 300kg. The first lift is for those who with a manual wheelchair. For the 300kg model, people with an automatic wheelchair or scooter can hop in. One distinctive feature with the 300kg model is the world's first fall arrest system which could see the light of the day sporting Shinwoo's own technology. This brainchild, comprised of a safety bar and a stopper, ensures the rider's safety and makes its daddy proud.

Switching gears, Shinwoo's vertical wheelchair lift has also come into existence. It literally lifts the people up and down, which is similar to how a generic elevator works. This alternate device is far more effective and budget-friendly, plus it occupies less relative space. Neither additional construction nor structure changes are demanded in the building. A person with a wheelchair can approach and open doors by pushing a button within arm's reach. From the inside, the person conveniently operates the elevator with a simple red button just below eye height.

Insatiable desire for Improvement

The company says that the best reward from their work is seeing many elderly and handicapped people reclaiming their right to move freely. And by setting up its Production Technology Lab, Shinwoo has not spared a single drop of sweat or effort to continue to improve and develop its quality and invent new creative devices, since it feels the need to build the systems that secure tight safety with reliability and utmost convenience.

So far, the KT mark from the Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information, a DNV-Certificate from International Safety Standards, ISO 9001, and ISO 14001, have been awarded to the company, and more are to come in the near future. Also, Shinwoo has been recognized as a Promising Small to Medium Company in Gyeonggi-Do, a Superior Technology Company by the Korea Technology Finance Corporation, and an INNO-BIZ by the Small and Medium Business Administration.  

Shinwoo Frontier has been selected as the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2009.

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