Seeing the Future of Korean Mobile Technology Tomorrow
Seeing the Future of Korean Mobile Technology Tomorrow
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Solacia USIM card

Wireless and mobile technology is the most rapidly-growing and fastest-moving technology sector today.  At the core of mobile phones is the subscriber identity module, or SIM, which keeps the most important parts of information to identify one phone from another.  They are only 25 mm by 15 mm, and contain the internationally unique mobile user number, security authentication and ciphering information, temporary information about the local network, and list the services to which a user has access.  The SIM also contains two passwords, the PIN for normal use and the PUK for unlocking the phone.  SIM card manufacturing is understandably a great business to be in, as more and more mobile phones are produced every year than people are born.  Also, one can easily create cards similar to SIM cards for other security purposes with minimal changes to the manufacturing process.

Solacia Inc.(, a Korean mobile IT company, is building a firm foundation in the Korean mobile IT industry after a successful contract agreement worth $16m with major mobile service providers SK C&C and KT. It is supplying a Universal Subscriber Identity Module (USIM) and company-developed Near Field Communication (NFC) USIM has been certified for the first time in the nation by Common Criteria (CC), a nationally-renowned evaluation system for IT product security levels. The company has already developed USIM for 4G LTE and USIM's Combi-Card, the world's first USIM card, which has an additional Mobile Finance service, Pay-as-you-go type small-scale eMoney for transportation, and many other uses.  They are all combined in the existing 3G WCDMA USIM technology, which can possibly make one wonder if it is possible to replace core mobile technology with tech made by Korean developers.

Solacia has changed the mobile market of Korea, where the NFC chip was unavailable, unlike the deployment announcement of NFC chips from major global enterprises, by providing $15m of USIMs capable of additional services, and Combi-USIMs for SK Telecom customers to SK C&C, and 1.6mn of NFC USIMs to KT by March of next year. The contract is worth 97.5% of last year's sales, successfully securing the company's sales for the current year. This, together with their NFC USIM products certified by CC and its Eal4+ rank quality, demonstrate the company's possible future impact on the industry.

Preparing 4G mobile communication, which will be in service from 2015, Solacia has finished development and commercialization of the LTE USIM which is currently being manufactured. Their Combi-USIM, a combined mobile services and applications in 3G WCDMA USIM, is making contributions to a national scale economy and industry market.

Seung Jin Park, director of the Overseas Business Team, says, "The discourse of the next-generation network is now shifting toward BM (A patent which holds a combination of network communication technology and its business idea), rather than its technological discourse, after most mobile communication service providers have chosen LTE, after major competition with WiMAX over 4G standards until the beginning of this year."

Solacia Inc. holds several patents, and is exclusive developer of a national strategic development project for a massive storage USIM platform within the embedded software industry. The company is currently developing B2C and B2B services based on All-in-One massive storage USIM cards.

Solacia Inc. has been selected for the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2010.

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