Put Some Sparkles in your Eyes with Geo Medical Contact Lenses
Put Some Sparkles in your Eyes with Geo Medical Contact Lenses
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If you see ladies around who promise to make their blind dates work this time, you let them know it is time we need to worry about which eyes to put in, not which clothes to put on. Maybe some of them who cannot follow the trend will say, "Wear eyes " Then I would like to say, "Haven't you heard that having pretty eyes makes a favorable impression to others Besides, there is research that clear and vivid pupils give people a respectable image. You don't need to feel sad about if your eyes are not pretty enough. We are living in the great world where anything is possible." And when they ask how they can change their eyes, I can say that the answer is Geo Medical Contact Lenses, which even TV stars often use to act out clear eyes.

This reporter tried the lenses out in person. Unlike other lenses, they were different from the first touch. You can't deny the fact that eyes are very sensitive parts of the body. Therefore, it is important to choose good quality lenses. And this Geo Medical Contact Lens is definitely trustworthy. It is because Geo Medical Contact Lenses are based on DNT or Dying Nano Technology. The DNT method applies new technology which turns the old hydrophobic color lens into a hydrophilic wonder. Since the lenses keep eyes moist longer, I felt comfortable with wearing them for a long time.

Wearing one of the delivers a diamond-like feeling. It is not too much, but soft, to show the color of the lenses. It particularity has the beautiful effect of making eyes clear.

I also tried the purple lenses from the Flower series. Its natural size was the first thing I liked about it. Since it was motivated by the flowers, using the various flowers of various colors, it makes your eyes pop prettily.

Of course, it was a lot more wearable than normal color lenses. It is excellent to have bright eyes with the Cafe series inspired by coffee. Interestingly, the lens gives the impression of sprinkling caramel drizzle on the foam of a cafe latte. It is also perfect for beauty.

"Actually it is not easy to create various images on the small surface of the contact lens. We try to make each image on the lens from diverse materials, especially recent published or primary products.  We are motivated by coffee and different kinds of flowers that come from the world. It is rather a work of art than just a simple lens," said Park Hyung-min, a representative from Geo Medical.

Geo Medical's products are exported to about 40 countries all over the world and GEO Medical is emerging as a top brand in Asia. In 2010, it achieved the Top Export Prize for exporting 500 million dollars, which is differentiated from other color lenses. The Fashion lens of Geo Medical is a favorite of K-POP singers who now enjoy sensational popularity in Europe. It means that the lens is a secret contributor to the Korean wave. I can say that with Geo Medical Lenses, it is just a matter of time to seize your man with deep and sexy eyes!

Geo Medical has been selected as the Kotra Seal of Excellence since 2010

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