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Radware Korea: Successful First Half !

>> Diverse New Customers, IPS Project Particularly Good

Yunyeon Jeong
CEO of Radware Korea
Radware Korea (, an intelligent application switch supplier,recently announced it made better-than-expected business results in domestic market in the first half of this year, saying it secured 45 new customers from government, financial, educational and other sectors for its security system construction projects. The company focused on its Internet Protocol security (IPS) product "Defense Pro"and the L7 application switch "ASIII."

Its 45 new customers include telecommunication service providers KT IDC, Powercom and LG Telecom, nine public organizations such as the Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs, the Information Pilot Village, the Korean Culture & Art Foundation and the Busan Firefighting Headquarters, six local governments such as the Gyeongnam Provincial Government and Jecheon City Hall, 10 educational organizations such as Sungsil and Gyeongwon Universities, 15 companies such as Samsung Electronics, Hynix Semiconductor and Hanjin Heavy Industries, and financial businesses KorAm Bank and the Korea Life Insurance Association.

In particular, Radware Korea gained a strong foothold in the domestic IPS market and showed rapid growth from the beginning of this year, securing such big customers as KorAm Bank and Samsung Electronics.

"The new customer list doesn't include existing customers who purchased additional equipment from Radware Korea,"said Jeong Yun-yeon, CEO of Radware Korea. "Including business from existing customers, Radware Korea made very satisfactory results in the first half of this year." Radware Korea explained that its solutions provide complete protection, as proven in continuous Internet security system attack trials. In particular, the switch-based Defense Pro IPS product was highlighted as strongly contributing to its good business results.

Encouraged by first-half results, the company plans to actively market its Defense Pro in the second half, finding solution partners and holding provincial road shows. In addition, the company intends to integrate the existing L4 market with the L7 switch market. The company's second half marketing strategy is to concentrate on strategic markets, and make new investments in continuous product development and the education of sales personnel.

CEO Jeong said fierce competition in the security solution market was expected in the second half as the market showed signs of full-scale growth. Jeong added that the company is going to focus its competence on public organizations, financial institutions and local government which were likely to lead the market with large growth potential.

by Lee Gwang-jae Reporter /

Nortel Korea: Supplying 'Internet Auction' with Remote Access Security Solutions 'Alteon 2424-SSL Application Switch' Nortel Networks Korea ( constructed remote access security solutions for Internet Auction (, Korea's number one online marketplace and a member-company of eBay International, which provides Internet Auction's teleworkers with safe Internet connectivity to its corporate intranet. The solution, which also delivers a virus filtering capability, has been implemented by the Encom division of Kornic Systems Corporation in Korea, a Nortel Networks channel partner.

To extend the reach of its business applications and file systems to off-site workers, Internet Auction has deployed a Nortel Networks Alteon* SSL virtual private network (VPN) remote access gateway - the Alteon 2424-SSL application. By using secure sockets layer (SSL) as its underlying security protocol, Alteon SSL VPN allows for truly unrestricted remote access - using the public Internet for "anytime, anywhere" remote connectivity using a Web browser as the teleworker's interface to the corporate intranet.

"Our Alteon portfolio is enjoying a high level of acceptance in Korea, particularly with Internet service providers (ISPs) and online companies like Internet Auction, because of its strong security capabilities and powerful throughput," said Chung Soo-jin, managing director, Nortel Networks Korea. "A single Alteon SSL switch provides enough processing power to intelligently switch and load balance 51,000 sessions per second with zero session loss, and this improves both application performance and end-user satisfaction."

Juniper Networks

SSL VPN Solution Transforms Secure Extranet Access Juniper Networks, Inc. ( announced that its NetScreen Secure Access appliances are the industry's first SSL VPNs to integrate the popular Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) standard. The Juniper Networks SSL VPN portfolio now interoperates via standards-based interfaces to administer authentication, authorization and Single Sign On (SSO) policies stored in corporate directories, providing secure access to network resources with significantly lower costs of deployment versus traditional software-based security solutions.

"Customers are evolving to using SSL VPNs for secure extranet access and will look for this type of access management functionality," said Mark Bouchard, senior analyst, META Group, a leading provider of information technology research, advisory services, and strategic consulting. "It makes sense to have provisioning systems linked to SSL VPNs so enterprises can leverage efficiencies from their investments in unified directory products." The integration of SAML support allows the Juniper Networks NetScreen Secure Access appliances to seamlessly communicate with products well known in the access management arena, including those of Oblix, a leading developer of identity-based security solutions.

SKT and Gyeonggi Provincial Government Sign Mobile Service Agreement

First Administrative Information mobile service by public organization

Caption- Kim Shin-bae (left), CEO of SK Telecom, and Sohn Hak-gyu (right)

Governor of Gyeonggi Province sign the 'Gyeonggi-net Mobile Service' agreement.

SK Telecom and the Gyeonggi Provincial Government signed an agreement for an administrative information mobile service. Kim Shin-bae, CEO of SK Telecom, and Sohn Hak-gyu, governor of Gyeonggi Province, participated in the signing ceremony and promised to do their best to introduce a working pilot service of the "Gyeonggi-net Mobile Service" this September.

The Gyeonggi-net Mobile Service provides administrative information on the Gyeonggi Provincial Government in such fields as civil affairs, culture, traffic, education and the economy to provincial residents through mobile infrastructure. Gyeonggi residents will be able to get governmental information and handle such tasks as ID registration and passport application through their SK Telecom mobile handsets. "In the age of e-government, SKT plans to continuously expand its M-government business," said Kim Shin-bae, CEO of SKT.

Governor Sohn added that the introduction of the Gyeonggi-net Mobile Service would provide more convenient procedures for civil affairs improve civil satisfaction and promote the efficiency of government administration.

KDC, Made a contract of Neo-employment insurance system

Enlarge its business into SI basis maintenance and repair service

KDC Information Communications Corp.(president: Kim, Suk-hyun,, a specialist in integrated IT solution sector made a contract on integrated system operations with Work Information Center(WIC), an affliate of Human Resources Development Service of Korea(HRDSK), which is a meaningful achievement for KDC as it went through restructuring its SI business division.

This maintenance and repair contract on Neo-employment information system is for an integrated operation of the state-of-the-art H/Ws and S/Ws such as IBM enterprise's Unix Model P690 server, SAN equipment, RDBMS, etc.

A KDC official emphasized, "We have showed our strong points in IT operation and management field on the basis of our accumulated NI technologies for 32 years. We step forward to the maintenance and repair market for the first time with our SI technologies."

He added that KDC would enlarge its business scope continuously in the services of integrated system management and operation as well as SI on the basis of its accumulated IT experiences.

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