Boosting Network Speed, Reliability / CD Networks
Boosting Network Speed, Reliability / CD Networks
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CD Networks is the partner that provides the best network services to e-businesses.

As the Internet field has maintained high growth in recent years, CD Networks has enjoyed a steady expansion in sales. Its sales surged to $3.03 million in 2002 from $0.68 million in 2001, the second year of operation. The business jumped to $7.8 million in 2003.

by Lee Gwang-jae Reporter /

More importantly, the company saw its profits grow from $330,000 in 2002 to $1.83 million in 2003, when the IT industry was hit by an economic slump across the board. CD Networks has business-tobusiness (B2B) solutions in E-CDN, GCDN, IT outsourcing and system management. In the business-to-consumer (B2C) market they handle digital content distribution, web-storage, download shops and content syndication. All these divisions are based on CDN services.

The CDN service stores content in several ISP nodes to transmit to users by the nearest path so that it can solve the iddle mile problemof Internet networks. With the brand name efficient,the company is actively exploring moving image platforms, highspeed downloading and content caching.

CD Networks is equipped with 50Gbps-band networks running through six ISP nodes and as many as 900 servers, and provides a secure content delivery for 200 customers, including Daum, Yahoo, KBS and Sky-edu. The company expects that as the quality of toll services such as movies improves, more users will require speedy and reliable CDN service. The expanding e-learning field will further spur the CDN service boom.

Based on these predictions, CD Networks targets W18.5 billion in sales this year, more than double last year's. It is making W1.5 billion a month from its game, VOD and caching server divisions.

The company is also looking overseas to expand business. To this end, it has announced a G-CDN plan and its intention to enter Japan initially. CD Networks has signed a CDN service contract to provide Nefficient download service to NC Japan.

Under G-CDN service, the server system is built locally and the same CDN service is provided through the local Internet network. Domestic companies operating overseas as well as local firms can get access to stable CDN service the same as in Korea. Negotiations are now under way with three or four more Japanese firms on G-CDN service pacts. Building a local subsidiary in Japan is also under progress.

Samuel Ko, CD Networks president, said that domestic businesses using CDN services in Korea want high-quality delivery services overseas. ased on four years of unrivalled technological power and experience, our company will positively enter the foreign market,he said. CD Networks plans to knock on China's door by the end of this year.

President Ko said that his CDN services enable e-business firms to develop a variety of high-quality content by overcoming various obstacles in Internet networks to get to Internet users. e promise to deliver reliable and stable Internet network services quickly and steadily when needed by customers and to become their partner of growth he added. He stressed that the company will strive to maintain its original purpose and do its best to satisfy both Internet users and ebusinesses.

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