The Game Changer for Future Pharmacies
The Game Changer for Future Pharmacies
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JVM introduces fully automatic pharmacy system
People are standing in a cue waiting for their turn to get medications. The line is only 5 to 6 people long, but it seems to last forever.  A few pharmacists are pacing to and fro in haste to complete each case to their customer's satisfaction. But when reality slips in, despite all those struggles from staff and patience from the people, the saga might end in bitter betrayal.  One unexpected mistake made with someone's medicine could create a buzzing complaint in the near future. This happens rarely, but likely. So here we are wondering, what if this whole process could be done and checked with an almost 100% guarantee What if something or someone could do this job accurately with sharp razor attention to each and every detail

Who can deliver

Maybe, people now can stop looking further and further since the solution lies in one South Korean company called JVM, who came up with a challenging but invaluable idea.  Founded in 1978, they have been growing with top-notch technology and innovative creations in mind.  As a result, they created a new medical system  that changes the game in the industry.  Now, JVM outruns its competitors and dominates the markets both in North American and Europe, and it has created a global network with 33 different countries for expansion on a large scale.

Fully Automatic Pharmacy System

It is a unique robotic packaging system. The automatic body is built up with all four different systems with specific functions.  The Automatic Tablet Dispensing  & Packaging System (ATDPS) is a fully automatic pharmacy system which features numerous operations like automatic sorting, dispensing, packaging, medicine expiration date control, and printing prescription details regarding tablets and capsules depending on the prescribed information for each patient. It also includes an inventory control feature with distinctive cutting-edge technologies. Its cost-effective and powerful capabilities offer jaw-dropping performance which is on a par with 3 to 4 pharmacists, which eventually allows them to thoroughly consult and treat the customer with more time. Also, ATDPS can be customized and updated with ease, thus it can keep abreast of today's fast-changing pace in the industry.  Managing log files of safety and administrator management is another one of its features.

JVM's automatic packet roller I-Rolly takes care of a string of packets of certain medication from ATDPS by winding them automatically, enabling easy transport.

In order to manage the data of dispensed medication, an Automatic Medication Inspection System called VIZEN is in place. This system conducts inspections and analyzes the status and condition of the medication from ATDPS.  It works as a safety measure against any incorrect or wrongly-prescribed medication before it reaches the customer.

At the end of this system operates the Packaging Winding & Cutting System, called WIZER. The medication packages coming out of VIZEN get WIZER's winding and cutting treatment that places each patient's medication in a box following their individual prescription.  Isn't it a great way to save unnecessary time and increase efficiency at work

For medicine management, JVM presents AccuPharm's (AMCS) Automatic Medication Control System. This recognizes, categorizes, loads, and manages the specific medications that should be handled with extreme care or when they are to be strictly attended with management and inventory control.

While AccuPharm's AMSS recognizes, sorts, and delivers a huge amount of medications, it also helps to manage increased demands of medication and its resultant data with convenience.

The automatic pharmacy provides efficient task management by effectively managing information that leads to more sales opportunities, safe medication management by restricting its authorization to only experienced administrators, customer satisfaction with more counseling time for patients by saving time with accurate control, and maximized work efficiency with less required space, since the system can be modified depending on the environment and can automatically measure the medicine size to load the amount of relevant medicine automatically.

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