New U.S Export Regulations Reclassify Linear Technology’s 12-bit 200Msps, 14-bit 125Msps and 16-bit 10Msps ADCs for Export to China & Russia
New U.S Export Regulations Reclassify Linear Technology’s 12-bit 200Msps, 14-bit 125Msps and 16-bit 10Msps ADCs for Export to China & Russia
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Linear Technology Corporation is pleased to announce new Export Classification Control Numbers (ECCN) for their families of high performance, high speed ADCs with sample rates of up to 200Msps at 12-bit, 125Msps at 14-bits and 10Msps at

16-bit resolutions. New U.S. Export Administration Regulations have allowed these devices to be reclassified from ECCN# 3A001 to the less stringent ECCN# 3A991.  This new classification provides engineers with the capability to use Linear ADCs to develop and export high performance products that can compete freely on the world market.

Linear Technology offers a wide selection of high performance, low power ADCs that maximize desired system performance. For high performance communications applications, the LTC2207-14 14-bit 105Msps ADC achieves 77.3dB SNR and 98dB SFDR. At 16-bit 10Msps, the LTC2202's 81.6dB SNR and 100dB SFDR performance is ideal for CCD (charge-coupled device) and infrared cameras, x-ray and cytometry/spectroscopy applications.    

For the lowest power, designers in China and Russia can now use 14-bit 25Msps to 125Msps solutions such as the dual LTC2145-14 ADC family with parallel outputs, or LTC2268-14 dual ADCs and LTC2175-14 quad ADCs with serial LVDS outputs, which dissipate approximately 1mW per mega sample per second from a 1.8V supply. These ADCs offer unparalleled performance at ultralow power consumption, maintaining portability in such applications as handheld test and instrumentation, radar/LIDAR, medical imaging, PET/SPECT scanners, military radios, smart antenna systems and a range of low-power communication systems.

In addition to a complete portfolio of high performance ADCs, Linear Technology also offers a wide range of RF mixers, including the LTC5569 and LTC5590/91/92/93 family of dual high dynamic range low power mixers, direct conversion modulators and demodulators, VGAs, filters, power detectors, low-distortion amplifiers and ADC drivers to complete the receive signal chain for next-generation wireless base stations and high performance radios. Linear's customers can depend on a highly skilled team of  applications engineers with a deep knowledge of signal chain design to provide design guidance and technical support to ensure a short design cycle and faster time to market.


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