Overview of New Products Hitting the Market
Overview of New Products Hitting the Market
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>> High-performance Infringement Detection and Countermovement System

The Security Gateway Research Team of the Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) (www.etri.re.kr) announced a 10-gigabyte level security system, the SGS-10 (Security Gateway System -10Gb) which detects harmful and abnormal traffic on networks and provides countermeasures in real time. This highperformance detection and protection system was developed with domestic technology.

The research team explained that the SGS-10 system connects to subscriber network gateways to monitor the content and size of data in and out of optical communication networks. On finding abnormalities, the SGS-10 immediately provides countermeasures. The SGS-10 provides diverse network monitoring works without reducing the speed of communication to show strong competitiveness.

he SGS-10 efficiently neutralizes diverse attacks on networks said Kim Giyoung, Chief of the Security Gateway Research Team of ETRI. ith the development, the costs of security-related hardware and key technologies will be reduced to improve the global competitiveness of related domestic industries

Fujitsu Korea PRIMEPOWER 2500

>> First Use of Nano Semiconductor Technology in the World

Korea Fujitsu(kr.fujitsu.com) recently launched five "PRIMEPOWER" server models that adopted "SPARC64 V" 64-bit processors to ensure 50% better computing performance. It is the first usage of 90nm semiconductor technology on UNIX servers.

Fujitsu Korea said that the new PRIMEPOWER offers a huge selection of Solaris applications and software investment protection, more mainframe-like reliability and availability features, unparalleled scalability, performance-enhanced design, advanced partitioning technology and data center quality service and support. Its SPARC64 V processors, developed by Fujitsu's electronic device group, utilized the latest 90nm semiconductor process technology in order to further improve processor performance, while maintaining the solid heritage of existing SPARC64 processors.

PRIMEPOWER demonstrated the highest performance in the SPEC Java Business Benchmark 2000.

Stratus Technologies Korea / ftServer T Series

>> Non-stop LINUX Server Designed for Telecommunications Solutions

Stratus Technologies Korea (www.stratus.co.kr), a supplier of ultra-highavailability servers, has unveiled the non-stop Linux server "ftServer T series," targeting the telecommunications and Linux markets. The ftServer T Series family is designed with all the continuous processing technology and performance required to meet the demands of traditional and next-generation telecommunications solutions.

The T Series systems combine Intel's Xeon processors and a fault-tolerant Linux operating system with Stratus' proven, faulttolerant server architecture that delivers greater than 99.999 percent uptime right out of the box. The result is an open, affordable, no-compromise continuous processing server family designed especially for telecommunications service providers. All T Series models are available with AC and DC power.

"Global telecommunications service providers have relied on our hardware and solutions in order to deliver continuously available telecommunications solutions," said Rah Chang-hak, country sales manager of Stratus Technologies. He added that Stratus will focus on T Series systems since they are the ideal platform for a broad range of telecom applications in mobile, landline, circuit, packet, and converged networks.

HP/ 'xw' Workstation Series Enhanced Performance, Space Saving Hewlett-Packard recently unveiled their new "HP Workstation xw4200, xw6200, and xw8200" series models. The new HP workstation models were designed to deliver the highest uni-processor performance to designers, engineers, architects and all other power-demanding users. With excellent scalability and dual-processors, the new workstations are appropriate for such tasks as computer-aided design, computer-aided engineering, digital content and financial information services, and geographical information services.

Intel Celeron D Processor

>> Serving Desktop Value Segment

Intel Korea (www.intel.com/kr) recently introduced the Intel Celeron D microprocessor for desktop PCs, representing a new generation of Intel technology for the desktop value market segment. Intel also unveiled a new brand and logo for this product line. The Intel Celeron D processor delivers a balanced level of proven technology and great value for desktop PC systems.

The Intel Celeron D processor is based on Intel's industry-leading 90 nanometer (nm) process technology. The Celeron D 335, 330, 325, and 320 processors, available at frequencies of 2.80 GHz, 2.66 GHz, 2.53 GHz and 2.40 GHz respectively, deliver the right combination of features and frequency at appropriate price points for value PC market segments. Celeron D processors are engineered for reliability and compatibility with the wide base of PC software and peripherals. The processors utilize 478-pin packaging, and feature a 256KB Level 2 cache and 533 MHz system bus. In 1,000-unit quantities, the Intel Celeron D processors 335, 330, 325, and 320 are priced at $117, $89, $79, and $69, respectively only 1.89kg. The slim black body with mirror-styled VAIO logo has a polished and attractive appearance.

All three adopt Intel Pentium M processors, 855PM chip sets, IEEE802.11b/g dual wireless LAN, enabling fast data transmission and 13.3-inch Clear Bright LCDs. The powerful ATI MOBILITY(TM) RADEON(TM) 9200 graphic chipsets provide high-resolution graphic images. The models support Dolby Virtual technologies to replay 5.1-channel surround systems for DVD cinema titles.

The newly launched VGN-S18LP adopts a DVD-R/RW drive with "Click to DVD 2.0" software to save movies and create new titles. The built-in "Drag'n Drop CD+DVD" software enable users to drag files for convenient recording and saving of data. For accurate data recording, the model prevents the error of buffering reduction during the creation of CD or DVD titles.

The basic battery provides mobile power supply for four to six hours. The optional "PCGA-BP3T" battery extends the operation time to six to nine hours, long enough to enjoy movies during longdistance trips. The VGNS18LP is available at W2.799 million, the VGN-S16LP at W2.399, and the PCG-TR5L at W2.699 million.

HP Korea 'xw' Workstation Series

>> Enhanced Performance, Space Saving

Hewlett-Packard (HP) Korea recently unveiled their new P Workstation xw4200, xw6200, and xw8200series models. The new HP workstation models were designed to deliver the highest uniprocessor performance to designers, engineers, architects and all other powerdemanding users.

With excellent scalability and dualprocessors, the new workstations are appropriate for such tasks as computeraided design, computer-aided engineering, digital content and financial information services, and geographical information services.

The HP xw6200 and xw8200 adopt the extended memory technology of the EM64T and used Intel's Xeon processor in order to support 32-bit and 64-bit computing. The HP xw4200 features Intel's latest 925X Express chipset and latest Pentium(R) 4 processors enabling DDR-2 533MHz ECC memory, reduced power consumption and increased data throughput. Intel's new Extended Memory 64 Technology expands addressable memory space to 256 TB allowing users to design and manipulate huge datasets and models.

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