Beauty and Health Go Hand in Hand
Beauty and Health Go Hand in Hand
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Beauty and Health go together

People voluntarily belittle what a beautiful look can bring in life and involuntarily bring up the beauty of personality and character with well-known quotes like "Beauty is just skin deep" or "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." Yes, it is true, what is inside captures the heart, while what is outside captures attention like some old sayings go.

But we cannot help burying the definition of inner beauty deep in our subconscious mind while eagerly seeking what we innately are drawn to - this omnipresent "skin-deep" beauty that is capturing not only women's hearts but men's looks as well.

How we look outside even has a lot to do with how we are inside. One can say that if we look healthy, we look beautiful, and this definitely holds water - "Health equals beauty." So here we are chasing after this ultimate beauty and health out of the generic attention deficit disorder from which we all suffer. Off we go, but all our efforts might not be rewarding in the end; we may run into many doctors who suggest a myriad of futile advice or resort to numerous electric machines which could just be disappointing by failing to help us regain our youth and healthy life.


RAFOS Premium (CWM-900) developed by Chungwoo Medical

Enough is enough. It is time to find a real deal with Chungwoo Medical

How about hiring a health and beauty assistant There is one, called RAFOS PREMIUM, CWM-900 developed by Chungwoo Medical. With its well-curved shape, this radio-frequency diathermy machine has three features: CET, RET and MULTI-POLAR.  These features can help us reduce our level of body fat, relieve joint pains like rheumatic arthritis, enhance the break-up of adipose tissues, and remove wrinkles.

Capacitive Electric Transfer (CET) with insulated electrodes enables the current to be transferred to the patient by going 3 to 5 centimeters deep, which results in a body heat. CET is quite effective against skin wrinkles, pain relief, the reduction of intra-abdominal fat, and the removal of cellulite. Resistive Electric Transfer (RET) has a stainless steel electrode which is not insulated. The current then transfers directly to the patient by penetrating 9 to 12 centimeters deep into the skin. It can effectively remove subcutaneous fat. MULTI-POLAR can move the current without any plate. This puts more emphasis on safety with simple and easy use.

This device differs from similar ones - the infrared heat-sensor attached to the CET automatically detects temperature, and the auto-detection program can examine the connectivity for CET handles.  It can stand high power mode safely and effectively, and the machine uses many different electrodes depending on where it lands.  Plus, the 5 inch wide LCD helps the user check the status and relevant information.

Chungwoo Medical has been selected as the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2009.

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