A Piece of Metal that is Larger than Life
A Piece of Metal that is Larger than Life
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CV Joint parts.

Any experienced cyclist will take some time to fasten nuts and screw in bolts before going for a thrilling ride. Any smart car driver would mark the specific day on the calendar to take off rusty parts and put new ones in place for both his safety and a better driving experience. And certainly nobody wants to go nuts over their vehicles' getting screwed due to some sudden flashy bolting of main parts or unexpected malfunctions resulting from a glitch. Let's not forget that today's machines are simple chains of events in which each and every element should work together in harmony. One tiny part of the engine inside the professional racing car can make a huge difference in a race.


The Pioneer and Difference Maker in the Industry

So the importance of durability cannot be stressed enough, and countless manufacturers are locating and relying on difference makers who can come up with solid parts in the market. Here in South Korea, one of them is poised to flex its muscles for future global domination with its certified products such as power train parts (chain sprocket, water pump, EGT valve, belt, oil pump, manual transmission parts), c.v. Joints (tone wheel, auto transmission, transfer, ABS sensor ring parts), power steering (vane rotor, cam ring, plate), chassis & body (steering column, SUV tire carrier, power gear, seat belt, seat rail parts), motor parts (power window motor, industrial D.C. motor, power seat motor, wiper motor, transfer motor parts) and the other industrial parts including motor boat parts, helical & spur gear parts, and soft magnetic parts.

As the pioneer of future powder metallurgy, Glosco with its 125 employees was initiated back in 1989. And the company has been steadily gaining its reputation for almost two decades by seeding a promise of the best reliability with several impressive industrial certificates (TS 16949& ISO14001, SQ Mark), so now it has grown into one major provider to domestic clients such as Korea Delphi, Hyundai, and S&T Heavy Industry. As one of its major exporters, Glosco is reaching out to various well-known partners in Italy, India, Canada, Japan, China, Germany, and other places. As to their sintering equipment status, the total number of compacting and sizing presses is 35 (28:7), sintering 6, steam treatment 3, post-treatment and misc. equipment 11.

Glosco has been selected as the Kotra Seal of Excellence since 2010

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