Unwelcoming Strangers in the House
Unwelcoming Strangers in the House
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Raycop Genie

Many savvy housewives who have children with asthma or atopy have their eagle-like eyes on lurking threats in and around the house. Their level of health awareness is much greater than normal. They occasionally talk about those harmful micro-size bacteria, along with the other allergens, disturb our healthy life and make us ill. Out of concern for their family, action is immediate. They clear out anti-bacteria goodies fast off the shelves as soon as they come. But none of these anti-campaigns can be successful with double-dealing tools that loosely leave behind the remains of the dustemy ( dust + enemy ) or cannot root out a threat. These disappointed wives turn again to a new pesticide while millions of dust mites and allergens are feeling lucky every night in bed. But they do not need to keep running around in this endless cycle of frustration any longer, because one company will stop their endless pouring of bucks into the market. Who is this showstopper

Raycop is deservedly proud of being the first UV-C anti-allergy vacuum cleaner that kills 99% of bacteria and 94% of dust mites on mattresses, sofas, chairs, futons, crib pads, bedding, pillows, curtains and anything else you can name. It has also been proven by Japan's Food Research Laboratories that Raycop can deactivate the H1N1 influenza A virus (begin killing influenza with less than two seconds of exposure). It has won the coveted British Allergy Foundation Seal of Approval, the Korea Standards Association's LOHAS Seal of Approval, and the Korean Good Design Award.

People with respiratory problems can feel safe

Raycop's unique vibrating pad shakes 3,600 times per minute to force the clingiest microscopic particles and dust mites out of bed linens and mattresses. Then, the 8-Watt lamp, using the effective 253.7 nanometer wavelength, sterilizes bacteria or other microorganisms with UV-C. Finally, Raycop's special micro-filtration system inhales and traps the remnants and removes dust, allergens, and dead skin cells.
Here Raycop's two state filtration plays an important role; a cartridge filter can capture and refrain large particles from loosely going out of the system, and the HEPA micro-filtration system is capable of holding small particles. As a result, this filtration system freshens air in the house.

Genie out of the bottle in 2011

Genie is the latest brainchild of Raycop. It comes in black, white, and olive green and has been equipped with the latest of all of Raycop's features. It also has something unique to itself, - the PangPang Brush only works with the Genie. This combines spinning and friction technology to shake off human and pet hair that are resistantly hooked into bedding and mattresses. Another one is the One-Touch Operation system which focuses on a user-friendly function that simplifies all allergy care phases like UV-V sterilization, sucking, and filtration. Plus, its market price has been changed so that it can be affordable to most households.

Bukang Sems is the man behind the scenes. The company has been growing and dealing with various electronic products since its creation in 1978. In 2005, its own Health and Home Appliance Division was created to develop and introduce the health and home appliance brand Raycop. Now with its patented brand, technology, and several international recognitions, Bukang Sems is ready to bring the true value of health and good life to people all over the world.

Bukang Sems has been selected as the Kotra Seal of Excellence since 2010

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