Benefits of Ionized Alkaline Water by Dr. KYK
Benefits of Ionized Alkaline Water by Dr. KYK
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Dr. Kim Young-kwi devotes himself to the R&D of good water in his lab

Songi, who entered her mid-forties this year, has been worrying about her family's health for a few years now. Apart from her husband who always comes home late from work and suffers from chronic fatigue and indigestion, she too has frequent headaches and chronic diarrhea from taking care of her 3-year-old daughter and household chores. The family finally found hope, however, after one day Songi read about Dr. Kim Young-kwi's lonized Alkaline Water (Alkaline Reduced Water) on an internet blog.


According to the article she read on the internet: "it is hard to preserve our health in modern society with all kinds of stress, air and water pollution, unhealthy diet, etc. These are the factors that create various diseases by oxidizing and destroying cells and genes in our body. Having said that, there is a way in which we can reduce oxygen free radical and protect health - drink Alkaline Reduced Water. It contains minerals and its grain structure is smaller than that of normal water, which helps fast absorption in the body and discharge of body wastes and free radicals. In other words, this water changes acidified body into mild alkaline, and therefore, healthier condition."Songi's family, in fact, only drinks Alkaline Reduced Water now and has become clearly healthier than before. Drinking Alkaline Reduced Water everyday has given her results of removal of digestive disorder and chronic diarrhea and even brought her husband a denicotinization.

Health and well-being are essential and almost universal topics for people who are living in the 21st century. There is a flood of information on well-being diet that helps to both keep in shape and maintain good health. However, it is also true that the importance of water, which takes up 70 percent of human body, is rather neglected compared to food. IT Times talked with the inventor of the innovative Alkaline Reduced Water (ARW) who could not emphasize enough the significance of water.

The following is an interview with is Dr. Kim Young-gwi (KYK), who has been studing water for over 30 years and owns over 130 patents relating to water alone.

Q) How does ARW have positive effects on our health

A) There are over 100 trillion microorganisms living in human intestines, and these can be divided into good bacteria and harm bacteria. Ifthere are too many of the latter, even generallyeffective medications do not work properly and the immunity level drops, so the body cannot function normally. When we breathe, normally 2 to 5 percent of the oxygen generates free radicals and most of them are made in the intestines. And the free radicals optimize the environment for the harmful bacteria to multiply. That is why we need to reduce free radicals and make our oxidized body more alkaline.

Unlike normal water, ARW has reducing power and anti-oxidant effects to neutralize free radicals. Japan in 1965, and Korea in 2008, officially recognized by Korea Food & Drug Administration that ARW has medically proven effects on digestive disorder, chronic diarrhea, abnormal gut fermentation, hyperacidity and so on. The ARW is also well known as a cancer prevention water. It has very small water molecules, and therefore, is absorbed fast and smoothly, while the plentiful minerals in it help to improve health in general. In addition, using alkaline water to wash fruits improves the freshness and preservation and removes agricultural pesticides, while it is also great for cooking rice or meat as the alkaline water decomposes fat.

Dr. Kyk was awarded many types of prizes including Iron Tower Order of Industial Service Merit for invention day.

Q) How long does it take, then, for the regular consumption of ARW to turn an oxidized system into an alkaline one

A) It is hard to tell you exactly how long it takes because it depends on the individuals; but, under the same conditions,there is a proportional relationship between the amount of ARW consumed and the time it requires for the body condition to change. Ideally, it is recommended that you drink the amount that equals to 10 percent of your weight. Of course, it is not easy to keep the 10 percent from the beginning, so I suggest increasing the daily intake gradually. As over 70 percent of human body, 83 percent of blood, and 90 percent of a cell is composed of water, regular drinking of ARW will improve your health and you will soon notice this by yourself.

Q) We hear there have been many difficulties for you to have come this far, and now they call you Dr. Water

The Smart Hot & Cold Water lonizer will be launching in Agust 2011

A) True. I have been making consistent efforts to inform the public of the benefits of ARW through the Food and Drug Administration and media, but there have been opponents who would distort the facts about my work. Behind their opposition was the fear that they might lose theirshare in the market once ARW starts to be known to the public. In some aspects, fighting against these people was more difficult than researching and developing the water itself. But I didn't give up and continued my work, and finally finished developing the ARW products. One of my books is called 'The World of Water'- initially, I was only supposed to write two pieces for the column, but the great response from the readers extended it to 60. Although some medical professionals and professors sometimes attackedmy arguments, I believe these events eventually gave me the nickname Dr. Water.

Q) And then, finally, the good days came...

A) Yes, I was awarded Iron Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit on 46th Invention of the day for having improved the nation's health and contributed to national industries, and, my inventions received Korea Master Brand Awards, 2011 Most Trusted Brand first prize, 2011 Women's Choice for Quality Satisfaction first prize, 2011 Korea Technology Frontier Award, etc., as well as Seal of Excellence from KOTRA. In Germany, I was the first in the history of the Germany International Inventions Exhibition to win two gold medals. Also, I won total seven gold medals in other overseas exhibitions including the one in Geneva, Switzerland, and Malaysia.

Q) Your recent invention, the Smart Hot & Cold Water Ionizer, has been acclaimed for the innovative technology.Tell us about the product.

A) The Smart Hot & Cold Water Ionizer provides hot and cold ARW in an instant, and is the epitome of my 30-years of water research. The most notable feature of it is that this water ionizer does not have a tank. Normal water purifiers come with a tank to keep the water cold but that can easily become unhygienicas insects and other pollutants enter. However, Smart Hot & Cold Water Ionizer adopted instantaneous cooling technology instead of a tank in order to address hygienic issues of conventional products.

Furthermore, in other water purifiers, the water outlet is fixed and exposed to the outside so the germs inevitably multiply there all the time. The water outlet of Smart Hot & Cold Water Ionizer, however, automatically retracts after use, minimizing the exposure to the germs in the air and also there is ultraviolet sterilization system inside the ionizer to prevent germs completely. Moreover, apart from supplying more than five liters of cold water at once, this environmentally-friendly ionizer minimizes heat loss and saves energy as well by expanding the surface area of the coil to increase heat exchange rate.

Q) How have the customers responded so far

A) Even though the official launch of the Smart Hot & Cold Water Ionizer is planned for next month, we are receiving a lot of phone calls from people who are curious about this product. The Kim Younggwi Alkaline Water Ionizer also achieved remarkable sales on a Korean home shopping channel and signed export contract with a European pharmaceutical company. Recently, the ForphytonAir Purifier and Forphyton Toothpaste were added to our product list and customers are responding positively. We will continue to do our utmost to develop healthy and environmentally-friendly products for healthier life.

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