The Never-ending Advance
The Never-ending Advance
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Not able to deal with the effects of the tsunami, the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan collapsed. The thick heavy concrete was torn like ripped paper and radioactive material inside of it was spread to the world with the wind. Although people tried to cool down the flamingly burning fuel rod in many ways, none worked easily. These nuclear reactors and the struggles of human technology broadcasted, and recently there was the shocking article that beef contaminated with plutonium was distributed throughout Japan. At this point we need to reflect on the parts of the nuclear reactors and our technical skills of reactors that human beings can handle.

Since nuclear reactors are one of the most essential elements in modern material civilization, we have to look for methods to control it with state-of-the-art technology rather than just take steps away with the nuclear reactors. Research in respect to nuclear reactors have been proceeding in many places. JINYOUNG TBX is one of the places. The main commodity JINYOUNG TBX has created is turbines. This may sound unfamiliar to people at large, yet it actually makes our lives flourish out of sight. Consider the other side not be seen. A turbine as the core component in water power, fire power, combined cycle plants and nuclear power plants is the essential part to transform thermal energy and kinetic energy into electrical energy inside of the generator. JINYOUNG TBX mainly produces steam and gas turbine. The operation of two turbines' principles is as follows.

The electric heater in the boilers and so on heats the air up, and then the steam in the process of the heat rise passes by the blade inside the turbine with high temperature and pressure.

A rotator.

Rotator power is made when high temperature and high pressure steam go by the blade inside of the turbine, and changes that into electric power as water does to a waterwheel. Thanks to the energy, we are able to use computers and do the laundry. The second golden product of Jin young is Rotors. In rotors, the blade is fixed. This takes on the role of the axis of rotation. It holds the center to spin fast when the high temperature and pressure go by . It is the essential part to the nuclear reactor as well . The technical skills of creating Rotar cannot but to be enhanced , for rotating as rapid as the general can't even imagine makes kinetic energy .

The principle of the core part was the steam engine, the priming of the industrial revolution back then, which was also part of the waterwheel before the industrial revolution.

It is the engine to transform potential energy into kinetic energy, and also thermal energy. People gain a lot of benefits from the changed sources of the earth by transforming into various forms of energy. It is hard to measure the changes in the modern era due to a steam engine.

As the steam engine was invented, the textile factory started. After a certain period of time they produced cotton. The East India Company was built to create the base material and the market for a production.

This method of development in science technology and industry started in England and broadened to peripheral countries quickly. Today's European civilization happens with the leverage of the development on this science technology. We are able to purchase the clothes instead of twisting cotton and making clothes on account of the development of material.

Europe, who struggled with labor day and night, had time to study and enjoy arts in the end. The richness of material allowed people to have time on their side and study and arts made advancements because of that. Human being's noble civilization such as liberalism and democracy was situated on this material civilization. As JINYOUNG TBX from a steam engine to a steam turbine and a gas turbine, human science technology will simply never stop. The civilization started with a car reaches out the spacecraft so far. Humanity's spiritual legacy spreads out everywhere all over the world through Twitter thesedays which is the new material civilization. It is just a never - ending advance.

JINYOUNG TBX has been selected as the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2010


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