Something to Bear In Mind
Something to Bear In Mind
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Leonardo Da Vinci designed a roller bearing

Modern historians speculate that the origin of a tiny tool bearing dates back to the ancient times, when laborious Egyptians were pulling and pushing massive rocks by wheeling wooden rollers. We all must have seen somewhere this blurry and tattered drawing depicting the still-mysterious construction of pyramid.

And years afterward, Leonardo Da Vinci first designed a roller bearing for his air creations, which was the helicopter. This small piece with a long proven history has been a crucial part of our life in bikes, cars, trains, houses, buildings, manufacturing plants, airplanes, and other things. Without its mechanical support, machines would be immovable, factories will be inoperable, and the whole industry would be facing an abrupt halt. We all had better bear this in mind if we really want technology to keep making progress.


Fertile with Bearings

To walk the talk, JALMAN PRECISION with 37 years of experience in developing and producing 1,300 different industrial bearings, is waving the flag hard. In addition to pumping up the volume of bearings so that a lot of domestic clients can get their hands on them easily, they have raised the level so that their bearings can get an exclusive treat in the market. And there are several major bearing types from the company; track rollers, rod ends, ball joints, and spherical plain.


Here are some brief introductions for each; Cam Follower is one type of Track Roller Bearings, which is suitable for heavy and static loads. It was applied to guide rollers, rocker valve rollers, cam rollers for slide and pressure rollers, plus the system to exchange tools and cam boxes for machining centers. Rod ends transfer the operation smoothly in any difficult motions under tractive and compressive loads. And there are two types; maintenance-free, and steel-on-steel.

Spherical Plains as sliding bearings have the spherical surface of the inner ring which has been made to look like a mirror, and the outside diameter of the outer ring varies in size which can accommodate the insertion whether it takes a narrow or wide areas. Ball Joints help numerous industrial machines conduct rod linkage motions, and its body, molded by die-casting, is a zinc alloy (special alloys for bearings) and its durability, corrosion and fatigue resistance are remarkable. But, above all, their Needle Roller Bearing is being considered to be the best in the market.  In 2006, JALMAN was awarded a Certificate of Reliability by the Agency for Technology and Standards from the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy.

The next year a Certificate of Conformity was given by the TUV Rheinland Product Safety Gmbh in Germany. With the automatic manufacturing process and localization for manufacturing machines, workers and materials, its quality has continued to improve. The modular manufacturing system brings about small quantity batch production with which it can easily adapt to a volatile market, and also reprioritize their major products depending on market trends. The company is planning to launch new bearing lines for vehicle engines and wind power generators in the near future.

Jalman has been selected as the KOTRA Seal of Excellece since 2008.

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