As Much As Life and Reputation
As Much As Life and Reputation
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Power Train Component- Automotive

A man busts a door open with a blazing rage, all four of his limbs moving about restlessly, his voice at the top of his lungs. This man on the verge of a nervous breakdown is seemingly blowing the minds of people in the building. But this scene does not prompt any reaction from the car dealers. Maybe he should be feeling rather fortunate, for not all of us happen to dodge a bullet. But he is feeling downright unfortunate, if not worse, because it was a close call.  A troublesome brake pedal in his new car just was not responsive enough in time.

This anecdote sends a warning to us. We keenly pick out information to decide which specific car to buy. Once this one suspicious car gets blacklisted, its company and affiliates like auto part manufacturers subsequently suffer. Sadly, this is no two-way street. Simply, there is no going back from a tainted reputation.To save the lives and reputation of the company, automakers are willing to get their hands dirty while juggling with only the certified components that they can trust. However, it sounds silly enough for them to sift through millions of auto components from thousands of manufacturers. Instead, they need to turn directly to the one with years of experiences who can guarantee the best possible quality.It Is about Trust and Quality. As far as the number one consideration goes, it is aiming at human life and the environment.

TaeYang Metal with more than 50 years of dedication to cold-forming and precision machined parts certainly makes you tick by drawing your attention to their internationally trusted products;let us dig a little first for automotive components, there are various types in the market; Power Train Components like Cylinder Head Bolt(high tensile bolt that can take expansion pressure within a cylinder, it fastens the engine cylinder head to the engine block), Main Bearing Cap Bolt(It is high tensile bolt taking the torsional stress of the engine crack shaft connections), Fly Wheel Bolt(High tensile bolt that is transferring rotational force coming from the fly wheel to the engine crank shaft), Con Rod Bolt(high tensile bolt withstanding the compressive force from a cap fixed to a connecting rod, transferring the force by delivering the piston's reciprocating motion to the crank shaft) and Crank Shaft Pulley Bolt( bolt that fixes the pulley in the front of an engine to the engine's crank shaft). Steering Components are Ball Stud, Ball Housing, Outer Socket, Tie Rod, Upper Shaft, Solid Shaft, Shaft Blank, Shaft Type, Socket Parts, Eye Bolt, Ring Bolt. As to Brake Components, Guide Rod, Input Rod, Out Put Rod, Adjusting Screws, Piston Blank, Wheel Bolt(Stud), Union Bolt, Piston Adjust are there.

Many Kinds of Metal Bolt

For Suspension Components, Cam Bolt and Color-RR.Another product lines are the components for wind power generator, home appliance and motorcycle. And to meet the demands from customers, their Research & Development Center is spearheading the development of new technologies and products, also for quality improvement. Plus, both solid domestic supply network with major Korean automakers and international presences in USA, China and India for global market shows how reliable they are.  TaeYang Metal has been recognized with a number of certificates such as ISO/TS16949.ISO9001, ISO14001, KSQ ISO 17025(TEST), KSQ ISO 17025(CALIBRATION),PED(Pressure Equipment Directive), AS 9100(AEROSPACE), KS(Korea Standard) CERTIFICATE.

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