Citibank CEO Ha Serves as Railroad Engineer for One Day
Citibank CEO Ha Serves as Railroad Engineer for One Day
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"Korail Airport Railroad is the fastest transportation from Seoul downtown to the airport. For those who depart from Seoul Station, please visit our Citibank money exchange booth to exchange foreign currency at 100% preferential rate."

At 10:49am on July 19, 2011, passengers heard an unusual announcement in the Korail Airport Railroad heading for Incheon International Airport from Seoul Station. It was the voice of CEO Yung-Ku Ha of Citibank Korea. He was wearing railroad engineer's uniform while making announcements inside the train covered with Citibank logo.

Citibank Korea has been running very aggressive promotions - offering a 100% preferential exchange rate at its Seoul Station foreign exchange for three months from June to end of August during peak summer vacation season and presenting trains covered with blue wave that symbolizes Citibank's brand. Three trains allocated for Korail Airport Railroad have Citibank's blue wave all over its exterior, while their interior introduces Citibank's global financial products that are helpful to those traveling overseas, making it easier for passengers to access such useful information on their way to airport.

On that day, CEO Ha reached out to passengers to give away bread and juice in a Korail Airport Railroad shaped box covered with blue wave design as part of the "Safe and convenient travel abroad" campaign.

"With the upcoming summer vacation season, I came here to meet with customers going abroad to help them better understand the safe ways to use banking services abroad while they are on their way to Incheon Airport via Korail Airport Railroad," said CEO Ha about the purpose of his participation in the promotion event. "Once you arrive at the airport, it is actually hard to find exchange booths or banks that offer preferential exchange rates. If you are a smart customer, please visit our money exchange booth at Seoul Station to enjoy the privilege of 100% preferential rate, and also gain the benefits of Citibank's global products and services such as International Cash Card when traveling abroad." 

source: Citibank Korea Inc.

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