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TIT Displays IT Software & Hard Products at ITU Asia 2004 Emphasis on Nurturing World-class Talent
A bird's-eye view of the Tongmyong University of Information Technology.
Tongmyong University of Information Technology (TIT) has been authorized to set up an exhibition booth at BEXCO during the upcoming ITU Telecom Asia to be held Sept. 7 to 11. TIT president Yang Seung-taik, who serves concurrently as chair of the Organizing Committee of ITU Telecom Asia 2004, said in a special interview with the Korea IT Times that the University plans to display in-house developed IT software and hardware products with the help of active student participation. The University's expectations are also very high, said Mr. Yang, adding that this upcoming event would provide valuable momentum to promoting cooperation not only among IT businesses within Asia, but also throughout the world. The kernel of TIT's educational philosophy is to nurture world-class talent in an atmosphere of international competitiveness. Mr. Yang points out that there is no special oyal road" in education; rather, the secret to effective education lies in eaching as it is, and allowing students to learn as they please." As a part of such strategies, TIT is intensively strengthening English education and computer training. In this connection, TIT became the first university in Korea to set up an official Microsoft Training Center where students, especially freshmen and sophomores, can use Microsoft products freely, Mr. Yang said. In fact, it is tantamount to receiving donations in software worth billions of won every year. At the Center, students receive training to enable them to find jobs in IT fields following graduation. Mr. Yang explained that about 800 students, mostly sophomores and juniors will receive computer education at the center annually on six subjects involving 24 processes. The importance of the Center is that it will help train software human resources in the Busan area, to address a situation lopsidedly in favor of Seoul with an 82percent share of such resources against 3 percent of the total who reside in Busan. The Center is the culmination of a combined effort by TIT and a globally known corporation, Microsoft to find jobs for IT graduates by enabling them to earn field-specific licenses on graduating from the university and find jobs soon after. Student employment rate - over 80 percent As regards the percentage of graduates gaining employment, the employment rate of the TIT graduates appeared to be very high compared with other universities. hanks to the effective specialized training program of the university, we have achieved a 93percent employment rating in 2002 and since then the rate has been in the range of 80percent," Mr. Yang noted. Such excellent result have been obtained by virtue of the training system that is tailored to fully satisfying the actual IT needs and requirements of the broad scale of Korean industries. Mr. Yang emphasized that, 'The TIT program also enables all students to have access to specialized training at the Microsoft training center and gain a good measure of knowledge and skills in the use of information and technology. He added, e will promote an open training system to establish a link between the university and society, between theory and practical application and between the university lecture halls and the actual work sites of industry." To boost the rate of graduate employment, the president opined that TIT is enforcing a 'specialty research program' that requires that students of the graduating class can only graduate when they submit a thesis on projects they would initiate to go into business. In addition, Mr. Yang said TIT would introduce internship programs from this semester as part of his strategy to boost graduate employment. During Mr. Yang's visit to the United States May 12 to 16, he also discussed the newly launched internship for TIT students with Axesstel, a leading cellular phone company. Under the internship agreement with Axesstel, TIT will send students for internship at the U.S. Mr. Yang furthermore plans to sign internship agreements with 50 other world-class IT companies including those at home. Mr. Yang said, ince the world is becoming more and more one small community' I trust that competitive targets would be found in the outside world rather than simply within one's own country." To achieve such a situation, he emphasized that TIT's special emphasis will be placed on training fully qualified professionals who would be international competitiveness for the future. Brand new chapter opens following appointment TIT is considered to have opened a brand new chapter with the inauguration of the current president Dr. Yang Seung-taik on Dec. 23 last year. As an outstanding authority on IT who is widely known in Korea, Mr. Yang said that the main objective of his administration is to make the university one of the top IT universities in the world in the 21st century, while one of his near term objective is to renovate the university curricula. He recalls that TIT had a measure of difficulty in the past due to a lack of harmony between the faculty and students and the university administration. But since his appointment at the end of last year, relations have improved and I would say that they have returned to a state of harmony, Mr. Yang commented. He said, ased on the new spirit of cooperation developed between the faculty and students and the university, I am confident they will be able to develop TIT into a world-class center of learning." In conclusion, as a leading IT university, Mr. Yang feels TIT has been doing more than its share of promoting academic-industrial cooperation and will now contribute significantly to the development of the IT industry in the Busan area, which is considered to be lagging behind other areas in the country in terms of development in this field. 'TIT can serve as a catalyst to help the region globalize its IT industry, Mr. Yang concluded.

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