Korea's Consummate Expert in the Communications Sector Perfect for APT Secretary-General
Korea's Consummate Expert in the Communications Sector Perfect for APT Secretary-General
  • Kim Yea-rim
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Dr. Kyu Jin Wee, Senior Advisor to the KCC

Some say that a country without advanced communications cannot long stand in this modern world. Communications is positioning itself as the fourth basic need for modern life, following food, clothing, and shelter. This reason is why the role of APT, the Asia-Pacific Telecommunity promoting well-balanced development of telecommunication in the Asia-Pacific region, is becoming more and more important.

"In the past, communication was just another means to an end. Today, it has gone beyond that to be an indispensable part of our lives. The fact that all nations are working on their broadband shows that communications has become an absolute necessity in our lives and across all industries, elevating itself to a basic need of life," said Dr. Kyu Jin Wee , Senior Advisor to the Korea Communications Commission (KCC). The IT Times met and had a talk with Dr. Wee, who officially threw his hat in the ring for the role of Secretary-General.

Sometimes you just know you will like someone from the first moment you see them. And surprisingly, on rare occasions, that good first impression remains unchanged. That is how I felt when I first met Dr.  Wee who is the candidate for the Secretary-General of the APT. His friendly gesture to welcome me has left with a warm impression that will stay with me for a long time. Dr. Wee was the one who has sense enough to pick what people want, need and pursue for. As the chairman of APT Management Committee, he has been actively engaged in the work of the APT for last 20 years by making great contributions for the organization.

Why Dr. Kyu Jin Wee

ITU Plenipotentiary Converence 2009 in Mexico

Great leadership lies in harmony of integrity, vision, communication, relationships, teamwork, and development. And Dr. Wee is the one who has it all. His confidence as a candidate comes from his fruitful experience.

Experience is the utmost of all strengths Dr. Wee possesses. Very often, people say that experience is the best teacher. This man, who has the insight of an expert from working in the APT since 1992, knows very well the trials and tribulations that APT faces today.

"For those members who are going through difficulties due to the absence of a communications system or any other reason, I'm all ears as to what their needs are," he said. He went on to explain, "I plan to bring out more active participation of all the membership, including the affiliate members by serving the specific demand of them. " Being an old hand in this field for the last 20 years, his voice was filled with confidence and assurance. Maintaining broad and firm relationships with many people over a long period of time, he also said that in order to increase this regional organization's competitiveness, all Work Programs  in APT need to be closely connected to each other. "All work programs must each have a firm board of leaderships. By operating a project with the organization of professional boards of leaderships, scattered issues are integrated as valuable information and strategies, thus making continuous operation of the project possible.  Furthermore, it will contribute to establishing a strong network," said Dr. Wee, who also added that he will open the doors for lively discussions by assembling leadership in the Management Committee. Bringing a wind of change in APT's system is Dr. Wee's ambitious and determined plan.

"I want to spread out the leaderships between developing countries, not just advanced countries," said Dr. Wee. With a system where all members can demonstrate leadership, a change into an organization developing itself with one mind seems realizable.

"For APT in the future to come, I will achieve differentiation in the current way of operation. Above all, it must carry all its weight as the regional organization." In order to do so, Dr. Wee gives explanation that, of the many programs of APT (mainly various sorts of meetings), programs for Pacific Island countries and landlocked countries must be strengthened. In addition, plans to establish a system as an international organization after full review of all regulations and codes of conduct are well underway.

As the chairman of MC, Dr. Wee attends at the 33rd meeting of APT Management Committee in Macao in 2009

Dr. Wee's great work in ICT industry has been recognized throughout the world. Since the early 90s, he has been participating in ITU World Radio communication conferences and APT meetings as a member and leader of the respective Korean delegations. With regard to IMT-2000, he has made instrumental contributions to the founding of the 3rd Generation Partnership Project as well as to the establishment of the IMT-2000 Forum of the APT. At WRC-2000, Dr. Wee proposed that the 2.5GHz band be used as a common APT Band, which has now been identified as the International IMT Band.

He also has been working in various Study Groups and Working Groups, often as a Chairman, such as the Chairman of Committee 3 of ITU PP-10. Based on his excellent communication skills and expertise in ICT, he has been making great contributions in leading and coordinating important issues in international Information and Communications Policy. By taking advantage of his broad network of contacts and the international recognition acquired through his very productive international activities, he has been able to exercise ever-increasing influence in Information and Communications Policy.

There are many words that describe Dr. Kyu Jin Wee, who has great experience, communication skills, vision, and an attentive attitude. These words may be the expert of the telecommunications sector, the opinion leader, or the administrator of competence, but the things that really make Dr. Kyu Jin Wee stand out are his deep affection and passion for APT. From his words, "I would like to guide APT in a better direction." His genuine affection was deeply felt and seems more than ideal for the job of Secretary-General.

We love APT and Wee loves APT

The Korean Government now sees a strong need for a renewed and reinforced APT in order to achieve common wealth and prosperity for the Asia-Pacific region, and has decided to present a candidate for the post of the Secretary-General of the APT. The election will take place at the 12th Session of the APT General Assembly planned for November 2011, in Jeju City, Korea. The Korean Government firmly believes that Dr. Kyu Jin Wee is the most qualified candidate for the position and that, if elected, he would make excellent contributions to the development of the APT and to the Asia-Pacific region. The Korean Government invites APT member states to strongly support Dr. Wee's candidacy for the post of Secretary-General of the APT, for the period of 2012-2015.

Also, Korea is one of the founding members of the APT, and for the last 30 years, has been continuously contributing to the APT through substantial financial contributions.  The country has been initiating and leading Work Programs, encouraging active participation of its experts and efforts for narrowing the digital divide in the region. As the Asia-Pacific region is one of the most dynamic regions in the world and has a great potential for growth, the Korean Government recognizes the significant role of the ICT in the overall development of the Asia-Pacific region, and considers that the APT is playing a crucial role in this regard. The impact of ICT development in the Asia-Pacific region has been tremendous. This is salient in the case of broadband, which is regarded as an indispensable infrastructure and development engine for future development in new technologies and services, promising even bigger effects.


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