Jaseng Hospital of Oriental Medicine Operates with Spoonful of Self Healing Power
Jaseng Hospital of Oriental Medicine Operates with Spoonful of Self Healing Power
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Shin Joon-sik, Doctor of Jaseng Hospital of Oriental Medicine

A man with high blood pressure, shortage of breath, red eyes, dry mouth, constipation, and a migraine pays a visit to a general hospital. In western medicine, he has to go see the optometrist for his inflamed eyes, the cardiothoracic surgeon for his shortage of breath, an internal medicine doctor for his high blood pressure, and if diagnosed further with diabetes, imagine how many different doctors he has to visit and collect prescriptions. In eastern medicine, his symptom is diagnosed simply as heat stroke. After helping the patient's body to cool off, some of the fine roots of plants are used to help strengthening the body. "A motherwort, here, is great for curing headaches, inflamed eyes, and shortness of breath," Shin Joon-shik, founder and Doctor of Jaseng Hospital of Oriental Medicine, said.  "A difference between eastern and western medicine is best defined by tracing the man I have just portrayed. Western medicine is analytical and topical. With a microscopic perspective, it views the mechanism of illness as the invasion of bacteria. Surgery, partial treatment, and removal are often considered the ultimate solution. Eastern medicine, on the other hand, views the human body as a whole with a telescopic view. The keywords of eastern medical practice are balance and self-healing power."


X-men First Class

Dr. Shin's healing power definitely puts him in the category of an X-man. Many famous channels abroad have broadcast him healing men and women who have trouble moving their arms, legs, and back due to great pains. All the pain is gone only in twenty minutes, and it isn't just a make-believe story. How is this going to be explained scientifically Perhaps studying how it all began is a good start. This X-man wasn't born with this special skill. Born into an eastern medical doctor family of many generations, Dr. Shin also studied oriental medicine. His motivation to be the master of the spine, however, was triggered when he almost lost his beloved father. Tripping on the stairs gave his father a fracture, but the western medical doctor of the time diagnosed it as tuberculosis. After being on medication for a long time, his liver started to fail, which led to unconsciousness. When he was told he would live only for a week, his friend gave him fine herbal medicine from an eastern medical doctor. From a state where he was almost put in a coffin, he recovered fully and has lived six years more so far. Since his father as both eastern and western medical doctor was known for his specialty in spines, Dr. Shin too determined himself to be the master of the spine.

"My signature treatment, MSAT, stands for Motion Style Acupuncture Treatment. After long years of studying, I have taken the best from chiropractors of America, osteopathy of Japan, and chuna of China and formed my own way of treatment. I am a huge believer of self-healing power. My acupuncture treatment requires patients to move around for twenty minutes. Other than scoliosis, any other illness can be treated in twenty minutes," eastern medical doctor Shin Joon-shik stated.

When Tradition met Science

Jaseng in Chinese character means self-healing. Jaseng Hospital of Oriental Medicine is a leading research-oriented hospital that pursues scientific and globalized oriental medicine. "In order to bridge the gap between oriental medicine and scientific understanding, Jaseng hospital is constantly collaborating with research teams and the universities all around the world. Our strength is in our excellence of non-surgical solutions through collaborative research with the Osher Institute at Harvard University Medical School, University of California Irvine, and many other renowned medical institutions," the founder explained.

Raymond Royer, Doctor of Jaseng Hospital of Oriental Medicine, checks his patient

Recently, Dr. A. Daniel Jones visited Dr. Shin at the Jaseng Hospital from Michigan State University. Since his research area focuses on the biological indicators which affect the muscle and nerve cells, his visit to Jaseng Hospital was significant in applying for the American National Institutes of Health funding for "the effects of acupuncture treatment on spinal diseases and its cytogenetic research." Dr. Jones witnessed Dr. Shin's MSAT and expressed his great impression of the treatments' rapid results for acute pain of the spine. Jaseng Research Team will fully cooperate with Dr. Jones' new research topic, How the MSAT effects physical reactions due to stress. "I am so touched by all of the Jaseng medical staff who try their best to eliminate pain for the patient. I would love to find the way to extricate people across the globe from various diseases and pain through this unique MSAT treatment from Jaseng," said Dr. Jones at his last visit.


Korean Traditional Medicine Goes Global

Dr. Shin's signature treatment rather qualifies his as Korean traditional medicine rather than oriental medicine itself. "For the first fifteen years of my career, I treated 150 patients a day every day. These days, I only examine twenty patients per day and spend the rest of the hours reaching out to the community and to the world in terms of education and promotion. Not everyone believes in oriental medicine. That is why when I am often invited to television shows abroad.  I have to show them what it is rather than explaining it to them. Many viewers in Vietnam, Russia, and Kazakhstan have seen my practice through their national television channel and had a better understanding of Korean acupuncture. I often visit universities in the States as well to give lectures. Students should learn different ways to treat patients and be fully be aware of every possible way that can help out the patient. This is why I educate, train, and share my technology free of charge," Dr. Shin stated.

Dr. Shin, after twenty years of a medical career, now focuses more on sharing his knowledge and philosophy with many students around the world with genuine passion to heal and help others. He has given lectures and training at numerous universities abroad including the University of California Irvine Medical School and at Al-Azhar University Medical School in Egypt. Jaseng is presented as the most effective non-surgical treatment with proven scientific research at the American Pain Society and European Congress of Physical Rehabilitation Medicine in 2008. Compared to 2009, the number of visiting foreign patients has increased by 70% last year. The record is expected to increase once again this year. The founders' efforts have grown Jaseng Hospital as an international clinic where medical practices are provided in multiple languages.

"In June, we demonstrated acupuncture treatments and presented our non-surgical spine treatment in Brazil as well. The head of our International clinic, Dr. Raimund Royer, represented the hospital and promoted medical tourism in Korea. We had some good reviews. Beyond training, we will continuously strive to take our strength to the next level in the global standard," Dr. Shin said.


Official Medical Service Provider

Shin Joon-sik, Doctor of Jaseng Hospital of Oriental Medicine, gives Park Ji-sung, Korean footballer, a detail information about his Heath status

Many celebrities and the sports stars pay a visit to Jaseng Hospital to maintain their health. Jaseng Hospital provides medical support at the 2011 Asian Dream Cup, which was organized by the Park Ji-sung Foundation.  Jaseng Hospital was designated as an official medical service provider at the 2011 Asian Dream Cup. Recently, the charity event was held on June 15, 2011 in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam to support young soccer players as well as to improve Southeast Asia's education of football. Jaseng operated a medical service booth with accredited medical staff to care for the injuries and safety of the players. On the morning of the match, Park Ji-sung received treatment from Dr. Shin Joon-shik. There Dr. Shin checked up on Park's previous injuries as well as his overall condition. "It's so amazing that the pain disappears right after his treatment," Park Ji-sung commented after being treated. Dr. Shin commented on this by saying, "We are a medical partner to the captain of the Korean soccer team, Park Ji-sung. I have often followed the sports players to their important games and treated them at the hotel before and during the games to keep them in the best condition."


Jaseng Hospital of Oriental Medicine

The Ministry of Health, Welfare and Family Affairs recognized Jaseng Hospital of Oriental Medicine as the only hospital specializing in spinal conditions. Jaseng has its own medical system which consists of 15 branch clinics, 280 medical specialists, and in-patient facilities for patients coming from out of town or those with urgent medical care needs.

The hospital has state-of-the-art diagnostic resources such as MRIs to provide the best non-surgical treatment for spinal disorders. Jaseng is committed to providing the most effective medical care for patients by practicing native medicine in conjunction with western medicine.

He concluded by saying, "We have our clinics located in the city of Fullerton, which is nearby St. Jude Medical Center, one of the best hospitals in Orange County and Los Angeles. Starting with these branches, we will continuously seek for the ways to expand overseas so that the world can experience the impact of Korean Medicine."

IT Times, in association with of College of Oriental Medicine, Kyung Hee University, will run a year series of articles titled 'Globalization of Traditional Korean Medicine.' In-depth stories relating to Traditional Korean Medicine will be provided from July 2011.

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