IT Informatization: The Key to Port Competitiveness
IT Informatization: The Key to Port Competitiveness
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Choo June-suk
The Busan Port Authority
Port Marketing - A Paradigm Shift in Attitudes

The Busan Port Authority undergoes a paradigm shift as the Port launches a promotional drive to attract shipping and freight, as opposed to the usual posture whereby a port merely waits for cargo to be landed. The Korea IT Times spoke with Choo June-suk president of the Busan Port Authority regarding the Authority's paradigm shift plan on the occasion of the ITU Telecom Asia 2004.

To attain superiority over competing ports such as Shanghai or Singapore, promoting the informatization of port activities and the application of IT, is considered one of the most important tasks for the Busan Port Authority that was launched in January, this year.

Port Authority president Choo Junesuk said in an exclusive interview with The Korea IT Times on the occasion of The ITU Telecom Asia 2004, "The Busan Port Authority is devoting a great deal of effort to offering real-time information to shippers as well as shipping lines operating in the port and sharing information with shippers and relevant institutions by constructing an in-house IT network." For this, purpose, Mr. Choo pointed out that the Busan Port Authority must prepare for the advent of new "ubiquitous environment" technologies through which it will be possible to access information anytime and anywhere.

The significance of the Busan Port Authority being converted from a government-run body to one run or more corporate lines lies in the fact that the Port has to strengthen its productivity, noted Mr. Choo.

In addition, he emphasized, "The Busan Port Authority has to undergo a paradigm shift that the Port can launch a promotional drive to attract shipping and freight, as opposed to the usual posture whereby a port merely waits for cargo to be landed". The Mr. Choo said that the Port is mounting a major effort to promote itself to compete in the new global port environment.

Mr. Choo stressed that the kernel of such enhanced competitiveness lies in the IT informatization of port activity. He added, in this regard, that the Busan Port Authority has recently established a management information team to take full charge of IT informatization. To this end, he said that the Port plans to construct an ERP system by next year and at present the Port is introducing an in-house electronic settlement system.

Further, Mr. Choo emphasized that, "To develop as a frontrunner in the IT field, the Busan Port Authority will enhance its IT competitiveness to a level no less than any competing port such as Hong Kong or Singapore by benchmarking even more advanced ports.

Regarding this year's port projects, he said the Port would place top priority on boosting the efficiency of the Port of Busan in a comprehensive manner through establishing connections with the new Port of Busan as well as Busan New Port. He explained, "To ensure that the logistical functions of the Port of Busan will be second to none in the region, the Busan Port Authority will construct a hinterland to the rear of the new port of Busan of an area amounting to 370,000 pyong (1.1 million square meters) in cooperation with the central government."

In particular, Mr. Choo emphasized that the Port is committed to maximizing synergy by connecting Busan Port and Busan New Port. He concluded the interview by remarking that the Busan Port Authority is emerging as a capable partner in meeting customer needs and helping customers succeed in the maritime transportation industry.

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