In This 21st Century, Everything is about Marketing
In This 21st Century, Everything is about Marketing
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Chang Se-tak
President of Busan IT industry Promotion Agency
Our Ultimate Good is to be a Gateway for Global IT Business

By supporting the software and IT industry in Busan, the agency's vision is to amplify the developing base of related industries and strengthen the competitiveness of Busan by managing related facilities effectively. Building the infrastructure of the Busan IT industry to help Busan to become an IT-hub is the agency's main vision.

Q. What meaning does the existence of the agency has, and what role does the agency play

As most people have already noticed, IT is being developed rapidly and the use of Internet is widely spread. Under this circumstance, we know what's the most beneficial to produce. Creating additional value based on the network should be the first choice. In this changing era, I believe Busan can be the center of innovative IT technology that can lead and foster the development and spread of new IT business. The city can also be the center of production, distribution and consumption of IT business with the flow of information and communication network, traffic and contents. Ultimately to build the city as an Asian IT Hub, there needs to be plenty of comprehensive development policies. First off, we are going to foster the best IT venture companies, which have a global competitiveness and potential, and also will train specialists to the top-notch.

Q. About a year has passed since the launch of the agency, and what would you pick as the agency's visible achievements of last year

We definitely improved international IT exchange cooperation successfully achieving four contracts including Shanghai Multimedia Park and Osaka Korea IT Business Exchange Network. Also we gave support to 20 companies, 181 cases in total for their over seas exhibition, which resulted in 2.5billion won worth of contracts. Furthermore we opened overseas business consulting fair six times with 65 companies, creating 2.67 billion won worth of contracts. It went really successful.

Q. And what are the prospects of this year's achievements

We are anxious to build the local innovative system for IT industry development. The system will be jointly participated by the industry, universities and government based on the systematic and comprehensive information of Busan IT industry. And of course we are going to continue to support systematic development of IT ventures, especially to 8 clusters by providing within the limit of 70% from the total expense. Especially we are going to focus on clearing common technical errors, building marketing channel and joint production and supporting overseas business consulting.

Q. How important is marketing to the IT industry

I take marketing very seriously in terms of business opportunity. In this 21th century, everything is about marketing. Whatever you produce, you have got to let it expose and sell out in the market. To get the most profit, strategic marketing really helps, and IT industry is no exception from this flow. Especially it is necessary for us to come up with insightful global marketing strategies to secure our stand in the international market.

Q. Was the journey to the grand plan of pioneering the international market share always smooth and successful

Actually that was not the case. Every time we carry out each project, we used to face the harsh reality such as lacking fund or appropriate cooperation by administrations or by overseas partners. But I was thankful for having enough support from those who saw great potential in IT and believed in me.

Q. What is the ultimate goal of your agency

Being a gateway to the global IT business is our ultimate goal. We will do out best to make the city of Busan as a starting point to make inroads into the Japanese and Chinese IT market for domestic companies. We would like to build a strong cooperative network with Japan, China, Canada and the United States.

Q. What other industry in Busan is like to trigger synergy effect to IT industry

I see loads of potential in visual and film industry. Very similar to the IT industry, visual soft wares are highly profit-generating and only require relatively a few, yet intensive human recourses. And in my personal opinion, there are abundant talented human resources in Korea, let alone in Busan, to make a good use of. Busan already gained ground of the "film city" through the Busan International Film Festival accredited for the Asia's top-class film festival, and the establishment of the Busan Film Commission for the first time in Korea which is exclusively in charge of the inducement of the film location and support.

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