De-jinx Your Mornings
De-jinx Your Mornings
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SRM2 Blanket

When you start the day in the morning, waking up from the right side of your bed is a good sign - your body feels as if everything is following the perfect biological rhythm, and there is nothing out of order. Now you are ready to enjoy this wonderful day. 

Then what happens when starting from the wrong side It is an ominous sign that you want to forget and avoid at all costs. Thus people often mythically see it as the determiner for how the rest of your day will turn. So they reach out to all means possible to wake up happy every morning. For a start, people buy a bedding set that brings warmth and comfort to their bed.

If you are familiar with the industry, those names like UNO1, AROMA, TRIX, FILDRIM and STELLAMOR are recognizable and quite convincing as they are all highly regarded brands in the Middle East. And the company WONU is supporting the above names behind the scenes with its post-1993 technology. Their major offsprings are acrylic printed blankets, polyester printed blankets in 3 and 4 piece bedding sets.

Their sheets are 100% acrylic; its warm, fluffy feeling will protect you from getting close to the wrong side of the bed. Its European fabric has been upgraded and adds super softness to its voluminous bulkiness. And, with this high quality European yarn, WONU is boasting about their luxurious and noble designs and excellent feel.

Strong point of the SRM2 Blanket

Plus, what is interesting is that Disney characters are presented on specific blankets for babies and children.  The company became the sole licensed manufacturer in 1999.

All blankets are categorized depending on its design and purpose: Disney, Baby & Children, Flowers, Animals, Geometrical. Also their bedding sets of one bed cover, one king-size blanket, and two pillow cases are in noticeable demand mostly as a wedding gift. And it is time for people to actively de-jinx the morning with them.

A number of different acrylic blankets and bedding with eye-pleasing colors and images are in the market.  Its quality has been already tested and proved by the customers who bought them from major online & offline department stores and some well-known marts. WONU is now actively exporting those goods to 28 different countries in the Middle East, North America, Asia, and Europe.

WONU has been awarded as the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2010

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