Domino Effect in the Kitchen
Domino Effect in the Kitchen
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The invitees are welcomed and ushered to the living room first, then later to the kitchen. People eat and strike up congenial conversation and click, click, click. This is the sound hinting that they are getting along quite well, but if one listens carefully, there is another sound coming from the kitchen tools that they are using.

It is certainly far from this previous click sound, yet it is similar in a way that is hinting at these tools' being in harmony with the environment and, more importantly, with food. It is a series of chain events. First it starts with technically-sound kitchen items which lead to well-cooked meals, then to a great friendly atmosphere resulting from bodily satisfaction with good food.

Various Quality Kitchenware

And some company is rolling its sleeves up to cater to this delicate kitchen care. Both the headquarters and a factory are stationed in South Korea and there are two more factories in China. They have been helping people as a kitchenware supplier bring the best to the kitchen table and its surroundings. Their fashionable and high quality items are the collection of various accessories for cookware, side & long handles, knobs, glass and stainless steel lids; utensils and the other items like folding handles, detachable handles, silicone complexes, multi-liquid drain lids, and magic pressure lids.  Each of those cookware accessories has its own distinctive name, design, and color. Then look at many kinds of detachable side and long handles with which people can carry the wares around.

Various kinds of kitchenware

How about eye-candy like knobs or lids, also including many of their unique utensils and the others under the banner of Fantastic Collection. They never look disappointing.  People can easily use them to the fullest as those items perfectly fit any kitchenware whether or not it is generic.  And their portability does not take any unnecessary space. All is possible with KASMAIN's edgy technology.

Now The Ball is In Your Court

Kim's Handle since 1979 has never stopped growing and expanding its business sphere. Under the name of KASMAIN (Kitchen Accessory Supplier of Main), KH continues to supply price-competitive products with high quality following their goals: low cost, high quality, low price, and fast lead time.  This is possible thanks to all the engineers and inspectors. They are truly hard workers who deserve to reap what they saw, because their efforts to keep innovating and developing new items have been steadily put into the work and will never phase out in future.

Kim Handle President Mr. Kim, Jong Moon as the best business partner is certainly the best hitting partner as well since he knows how to keep the ball in play so that his partner can have a chance.

Kim's Handle has been awarded as the KOTRA Seal of Excellence

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