Guidelines on building Eco-network of Saemangeum made
Guidelines on building Eco-network of Saemangeum made
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The Ministry of Environment announced it made guidelines on building an Eco-network of Saemangeum so that ecological function of the Saemangeum area can be fully considered from the initial stage of the Saemangeum project.

※ Saemangeum project: A large-scale national project participated by seven government departments to develop an area of 401㎢ into a multifunctional city and an industrial complex, etc.

The Eco-network connects key areas which have ecological importance as an ecological space, linking organically the entire habitats in the area. Mostly, main habitats are linked through city parks, street trees, rivers and wetlands.

Main contents of the guidelines are composed of good cases for creating an ecological axis.

As the guideline is made, the Saemangeum project is expected to be conducted, securing ecological soundness of the entire Saemangeum area rather than managing each green field separately by each development. In addition, excellent biodiversity of the Saemangeum and its merit as a central location of Mangyeonggang, Dongjingang, Geumgang and Byeonsanbando will be kept after the development project.

The ministry will distribute the guidelines to related agencies and actively consult with them so that ecological function, suggested by the guidelines can be reflected in the master plan of the project.

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