Way of the Global Indigenous Technology
Way of the Global Indigenous Technology
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Hundreds of years ago, the average human life expectancy was only 20 to 30 years. Three out of 10 newborns failed to survive their first birthday and 5 ended up dead before the age of 10, mainly due to fatal diseases such as smallpox, measles, malaria, cholera, dysentery, diarrhea, pneumonia, and septicemia. For centuries, causes of the diseases remained unknown but were only guessed at as being either possessed by an evil spirit or spread airborne.

It was only when the causes of most diseases were discovered to be germs that researchers started studying how to deal with specific diseases. Septicemia is a bacterial infection that is fatal to humans. However, tens of thousands of experiments revealed that certain substances released from mold, a member of the penicillium family, killed the germ that caused septicemia.

What is more, the mold is found to incur no harm on human leukocytes. Ever since, penicillin led to a major breakthrough in the fight against bacterial infections such as syphilis, meningitis, and pneumonia, which freed mankind from almost all diseases.


Equipped with its own technology

Chong Kun Dang BIO, a Korean pharmaceutical company, also produces raw materials for antibiotics and antitubercular drugs including penicillin. While manufacturing antibiotics and drugs out of existing materials seems relatively easy, developing one's own technology is a more daunting task. Endless efforts into research and development enabled the company to become equipped with numerous technologies of its own. The technologies may not be commercialized to make profit in no time, but lay foundation for the development of the pharmaceutical industry in Korea. Their achievement in technological progress stopped them from paying for raw materials to overseas companies, at least for antibiotics.


In search of excellent company

Structure of Bacampicillin HCI

Chong Kun Dang BIO is equipped with the world's leading fermentation technology and is ready to develop bio-technology that establishes a foothold for its advancement as an excellent company.  Utilizing the fermentation technology, it has succeed in developing drugs including 7XACA, PC, DMCT, and cyclosporine A.

In line with current trends for a genome project and stem cell research, it has also developed technologies to produce raw materials for recombinant proteins such as insulin, G-CSF, and EPO, by taking advantage of its gene manipulation technology and biotechnology. On top of it, the company continues its stance as living together in society by developing optically active materials out of bioconversion technology and reducing the emissions level of pollutants, while developing of chemical products. It is highly expected that Chong Kun Dang BIO prospers as a small but robust company, and strengthens its basis with its vision of an excellent company by international standards.


CKD Bio has been awarded the KOTRA Seal of Excellece since 2009

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