INNOVISION-See through Your Health
INNOVISION-See through Your Health
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INNOVISION, Digital Radiography System by Flat-Panel Detector

It has been 116 years since x-ray machines were invented. On November 8, 1985 Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen, a German physicist, produced and detected electromagnetic radiation in a wavelength called X-rays today. Two weeks after he discovered X-rays, he took the very first picture using x-rays of his wife's hand, Anna Bertha. Funnily, when she saw her skeleton she exclaimed "I have seen my death!"

X-rays Save lives

Since then, this see-through machine has contributed to saving people's lives. X-rays are even considered to be the essential tools for hospitals when they diagnose and treat their patients. There are many X-ray machines out there, but the INNOVISION Series produced by Dong Kang Medical System stands out among them. It is because INNOVISION powered by a SAMSUNG Flat-Panel Detector covers the complete spectrum of clinical requirements and drastically reduces redundant work steps so that it can save the precious time of patients and save their lives.

A representative from the Dong Kang Medical System said, "It is composed of a seamless single panel and a 17" x 17" widescreen detector makes every kind of diagnostic exam available." It also greatly optimizes work-flow, leading to higher performance compared to conventional film-based or CR systems. He continued, "It also has the safe, easy, and fast acquisition of clear radiographic images and low levels of radiation. Its unprecedented ease-of-use networking, combined with DICOM 3.0, enables streamlined workflow through seamless, effective data transfer."

Special Vison of INNOVISION

Its Auto-synchronized System is another feature which separates the INNOVISION from others as well. The Synchronized Ceiling Suspended Tube Support allows the focal point of the X-ray tube to be moved up and down in conjunction with the Bucky Stand. This function enables the operator to easily set it at any position, ensuring a high level of performance.

Moreover, INNOVISION View enables its user to view diagnostic details much easier and faster with its computerized windows and a variety of operational functions. Also, its DICOM 3.0-compliant interface has been seamlessly integrated with PACS, RIS<HIS<local workstations, and modality archives.

The representatives stated, "With an incessant effort to develop an advanced medical system, we have produced a innovative Digital Radiography system powered by Flat-panel Detector made by SAMSUNG. As we have done so far, we will keep doing our best to manufacture the most reliable, superior, and advanced medical products based on customer-oriented philosophy and indefatigable spirit of challenge." There is no doubt that this company plays a part in saving people's lives.

Dong Kang Medical System has been selected as the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2010

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