Ending Human-made Disasters with Misung C&S Inspection
Ending Human-made Disasters with Misung C&S Inspection
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ITS-2000 Series

From climbing up skyscrapers that are poised to soar into the sky, to crossing the longest steel bridge that is defiant enough to shake gravity off left and right, these unrealistic modern structures never fail to awe us with great eye-pleasing scenes invoking fun, thrills and excitement.  Yet, they come with the risk of possible loss, injury and danger. In case of any misfortune, it is not forces of nature at all, rather we resentfully dub it human-made disaster as 20/20 hindsight tells us to. But can we use foresight and stop disasters  It is not some super ability; we only need to do our diligent study regularly by measuring, inspecting, and diagnosing dangerous defects.

Duly Designated Professional

Misung C&S Inspection (www.mcsco.co.kr) has built up a track record of finished projects evidencing their competence and credibility in the business. This solid history certainly awarded them with a long title of duly designated as professional indexed institutes of the exact safety diagnosis by the Ministry of Construction and Transportation. Widely stretched scope of field work includes non-destructive tests, harbor planning, and structure planning of geotechnical engineering and soil tests.  Other areas of interest are managing maintenance and repair for facilities, inspecting structures, quality inspection, repair planning, and reinforcement. They also are conducting special research for technology development for bridges, weak ground, tunnels, quality tests and inspection of structures.

Facing up to daunting and difficult tasks, MISUNG's prominent systems take pressure off of the shoulders of working engineers. One of them is the ITS-2000 Series. This patented device is an excellent integrity tester that is offering optimization for the targeted construction of structures through its thorough investigation and detection of possible defects on piles of structures, mass concrete and repair/reinforcement/replacement for piles. It also can launch investigation for foundation of bridge. 

Probe and Improve with the ITS-2000 Series

The ITS-2000 Series is the latest system that fits for testing cast-in-situ piles. It can measure piles up to 3.5m in diameter and 150m in length, and can measure the condition of cast-in-situ piles, mass concrete, defects, integrity and strength of concrete using ultrasonic waves.  Additionally, one ultrasonic emission probe at a time enables testing up to 3 ultrasonic reception probes. Thanks to all the above, predicting integrity of concrete (total length of pile), digital-type data acquisition and the results revealing in 2D tomography and 3D graphics are leading to improvement in overall condition of construction.

Since 1994, MISUNG as a leading company in the industry has been contributing to the urban development and various national policies works with its special top-notch technology for steel structure construction.

Misung C&S Inspection has been awarded as the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2009.

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