Arc Welded Pipes Come into Bloom
Arc Welded Pipes Come into Bloom
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Steel Flower is known as the world

A name has been considered a critical element since time immemorial. Somebody says that the name called by others can has an effect on your life. When you realize Steel Flower is the top in the area of submerged arc-welded pipes, the statement about names may have a point and it's quite convincing. Steel flower is blooming inside and outside of Korea.

Submerged arc-welded pipes Steel Flower produces are the one that uses auto-molds such as Press vending or roll vending while utilizing over 20mm of plate. Mainly they are produced with SAW welding. Normally a steel pipe is just a pipe but submerged arc-welded pipes are thick and durable so they are very appropriate components to be used for the frame of construction and special requirements such as structures, ships, sea plants, EPSO and the like.Therefore, the method of ordering production to meet many different specifications is applied and each pipe needs each spec.The technical skills and quality are very significant because the steel grade required is different.

"Thickness of between 12mm~200mm and an external diameter of 355mm~8000mm are possible for the production," said Park Jun Suk, the head of the department, with confidence. "Submerged arc-welded pipes which use the plate over 20mm thick is the key industry.It is employed in various fields such as oil production, ocean plants, and building structures. That's why it is the core of industrial society" he stated.

The Bloom of Steel Piping

Steel Flower ( which is not only the possesion of factories in JIn-young, Po-hang and SunCheon but also the top for productive capacity abroad and the third position among companies(an output norm) achieves domestic and foreign recognition to a considerable degree,which accounts for 90% of overseas sales out of total.The excellence is proved by possessing the every kind of certification such as API, ASME, JIS, PED, OSHA18001;2007, ISO9001;2008, IS014001;2004, 6 patents, 1 design right.Moreover,Steel Flower has the ability for development of advanced steel grade and securing raw materials and possibility of production facilities.As proved through the world, it takes a second to predict that it has built the network from the global client and had ability from many projects to perform

The vision of Steel Flower

Steel Flower cannot be mentioned except for the cases or products researched and developed to form partnership with POSCO." Cameron project X80 PSL2 " which was in the substandard area in the past has been got out through the development of steel grade over X80.Lately Steel Flower targets the advanced market with the development of NACE or The National Association of Corrosion Engineers ."Thesedays the order obtained increases. I can see the power of Steel Flower will be very strong in the intermediate and advanced market." said Park.

Steel Flower has been awarded as the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2010

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