Fine Cleaner Lets You Know the Relationship between a Crocodile and a Crocodile Bird
Fine Cleaner Lets You Know the Relationship between a Crocodile and a Crocodile Bird
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What is the essential element to operate a car You think of answers like an engine or wheels, but I want to say that a cleanser is the most important. When crocodiles enjoy a sunbath on the waterside, a crocodile bird flies down and starts getting rid of the meat between its teeth and parasites in its body.The crocodile bird is a great creature to the dreaded crocodile.

Like the bird, the component cleanser as the last process equipment has to be bound to be the necessities to the car,which cleans the oil and dirt from the engine and gearbox. Fine makes the best one of these components in the world.

Fine ( keeps the top in domestic cleanser business and takes over 80% of domestic business. Not only does Fine provide 60~70 cleansers a year which cost around two hundred million won to Hundai and Kia, but also it has clients like the best companies of the completed car.

The environmentally-friendly cleanser of Fine

The cleanser is the equipment to remove dust, oil, chip, etc on the products and processed goods with a jet of washing water through Nozzle and consist of the process of transfer, wash and dry automatically.The Fine's cleanser has been created and produced by its own technology and Fine must be very proud of its supply result .This is becuase its cleanser has the optimal system according to the objects. Also,it is easy to operate and check and maintain due to be fully automated.

Moreover the equipment is installed with the order from clients , which is oil separator,chip processing unit,automatic boiler feed equipment,automatic concentration control system,mist collector,wash liquid, prevention system for decomposition, etc. Becuase of recycling of water washing, Fine tries to reduce the water washing so it is environmental friendly

The wheel of advance never stops

FIne was born in 1989.Every big domestic company of completed car purchased cleansers from a certain small business in japan,which was noticed and became the starting point for the advent of localization.Since Fine has provided about 30% of cheaper cleansers, the market share of the foreign which took over the domestic field began to drop 10% below.

After that, it has installed its own technology and development lab and improved the technical skills gradually. The consistent effort makes the company increase the export to Japan, China and so on. Busan City has appointed Fine as an clean establishment.

Now Fine is making a great effort to satisfy the international company. With this enormous and sincere effort, I do not doubt that Fine can be the best. Hopefully we look forward to seeing Fine in the world.

Fine Inc has been awarded as the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2009.

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