Confidence in Automotive Parts
Confidence in Automotive Parts
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Automotive parts such as knuckles, rign gears, and spur gears

Raw materials are now at the inspection stage, and people say often that beginning is half done, but this is nowhere near the beginning itself, just scratching the surface.  The next processing step is awaiting; the most critical of all is this phase where the cleared materials would be cut, formed in closed dies and forged in heat into the parts that will make a car hit the ground running and a ship stroke the sea cruising. At the final phase, multiple tests are ready to locate and take out the weak; only the quality can survive in the end.

Superior Manufacturing Process and Super Quality Products

The above process flow, built by S&S Metal (, representing its prideful complete in-house design and production capabilities, is possible with forging facilities including; Hatebur Hotformer Lines, Forging Press Lines; Hydraulic Hammer lines, Air Drop Hammer Lines, and Electrostatic Induction Furnaces which provides heating for the forging process. The other elements are CAD/CAM, Inspection Equipment and Tooling like CNC Copy Milling Machines, Milling Machines, and Electric Discharge Machines.

The Hotformer lines' items are AMP30&AMP50XL which produce numerous parts in closed dies with accuracy and appearance, similar to cold formed parts or metal powder parts. Forging Press machines of 3150, 2500, or 1600 tons are characterized by their products (Ring, Ring Gear, body, Wheel Hub, Gear), Hydraulic Hammers with Arms, Shafts, Con-rods, Connecting Rods. The Air Drop Hammer makes arm and mechanical parts.

Created out of this high-performing production line, superior-quality substances of a car are Engine parts (Cam Shaft, Fly Wheel Ring, Crank Shaft, Connecting Rod), Transmission parts (Sleeve, Gears, Gear Ring); Suspension System (Control arms, Hub, Knuckle), Propeller Shaft (Yoke Flange, Universal Joint, Yoke Shaft); Differential Gear (Drive Pinion, Ring Gear), various fittings for wire rope and chains. And there are Hot Formers from Hotmatic Former Line and Forged Fracture/Crackable Connecting Rods, first introduced in 1997 using C70S6 Microalloy Steel. And S&S Metal has been supplying Forged Crackable Connecting Rods to major car manufacturers here in Korea.

Together to Change

Focusing on quality and globalization, S&S Metal has continued to fulfill customer needs and satisfaction since 1968. Under the banner of Together to Change, Chairman of the company Mr. Joo Hyun Yang is talking about the present and future when he says, "Currently, we are venturing into new business fields, which are expected to be our new growth-engine that will propel us to become a global company. Furthermore, we will strive for good company like Shine and Salt of our society by implementing 'S&S culture' of sharing and win-win management. S&S Family will move forward to become a leading global company through managerial innovations and high competitiveness."

S&S Metal has been awarded as the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2010.

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