End mill, Never-ending Story of YG-1
End mill, Never-ending Story of YG-1
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X5070 End Mills

Anyone who deals with turning processes or machinery easily understands how much accuracy and meticulousness it requires. A negligible defect in small parts can create a large malfunction in a ship or airplane. In this regard, technology that adds precision to a vessel is critical to the life of a crew sailing in a deep-sea fishing vessel for months. The same is true of an airplane: precise technology with no margin for error is essential. In consideration of size of the gigantic body, adding precision is hardly an easy task, as thousands or more parts are engaged like cogwheels to form the large body. When accuracy in technology reaches the realm of art and makes users comfortable, then machinery becomes a tool that is safe to use.

End Mill, YG-1's main product

One may have heard of a cast, a mold that was used to manufacture bronze weapons in ancient times. By pouring melting bronze into the cast, thousands of bronze swords were made the same size. The modern version of the cast is called tooling and is utilized to produce all kinds of products such as automobiles electronic gadgets, industrial machines, and household goods. An end mill is a tool used for tooling. Though it is little known to general consumers since it is not used directly, a few goods in daily life are manufactured without through end mills, ranging from a glass bottle, a refrigerator container to an automobile, a robot, an airplane, a ship and other things.

World appreciates YG-1's technological skills

YG-1 was acknowledged from the overseas market at first. Germany, renowned in machinery, buys 30 million dollars worth of products per annum and has made several attempts to establish YG-1's branch office in the country. The company's strategy that focuses on a big overseas market has driven the success. YG-1 has concentrated on developing world-class cutting tools and has targeted the US and the worldwide market, which worked successfully. Behind its cutting-edge technology lies the company's continuous investment into plant and equipment. Also, some 60 researchers have worked with test standards more strict than that of German DIN, Japanese JIS, or US's ANSI. The craftsmanship together with R&D efforts has made YG-1 a world-class end mill producer.

YG-1 Inspection has been awarded as the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2010.

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