Google+ Circles? Segregating Posts in Facebook was Always an Option
Google+ Circles? Segregating Posts in Facebook was Always an Option
  • Natasha Willhite, US Correspondent of Korea IT Tim
  • 승인 2011.08.08 21:15
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Minnesota, USA -August 8, 2011 - Perhaps there is not much difference between the two rival social networks of Google+ and Facebook; Google+ focuses its marketing pitch on the separation of information shared, based on a 'real life model' - in other words, classifying individuals by common places, interests, or friends and grouping them together to make sharing thoughts, ideas, and much more, easier to keep from one group or another.

What should we consider when posting on social networks Maybe we need to stop some
Floods of people are crazy about this concept, yet it is not as revolutionary as they may think; next to Facebook's 'share' button there is a lock where someone can specify who sees the information and even create multiple groups to make sharing information easier. Although Facebook does not focus on the separation of information, it always had the capability if people paid close enough attention and utilized it. Basically, do not jump on board with Google+ if the only reason you're joining is for the 'circles'; Facebook can have 'circles' without having a specific name for it.

Although I rarely share information online that I cannot share with everyone, it is easy to understand that some need to say something to many that they cannot reveal to others -ever. After all, our friends are not only our friends but could also be our classmates, coworkers, or even family members; if I was planning on doing something that would affect one group in a negative way, I probably would not want to share it with that group. Yet, should we really be opening ourselves up to this situation We may become increasingly secretive in our daily lives. Can anyone else say 'extra stress'

I admit that separation in some cases can be a good thing; however, taking the time every time to think about with whom to 'share' specific information could be too much; our lives can be complicated but not so complicated that we must monitor every single post. If we cannot share specific information with everyone, it should be obvious who should not see it. Again, we should not constantly monitor ourselves and work to appease others. If these people are our 'friends', would they be too hard on us for telling the 'truth' to everyone

I have not used the 'lock' feature very much in Facebook; the thought of it actually makes me a little nervous because there's a small possibility of it accidentally revealing information to others that is overwhelming -that is if I accidentally allow someone to see it without realizing it. It is almost like sending an e-mail or text about someone and actually sending it to that person; I get this feeling every time and clearly I am not the only person who experiences this.

Many issues in everything boil down to one thing: trust. Can I trust my social network to work the way that I tell it Can I trust myself to not make a mistake in clicking a particular 'group'/'circle' With my thoughts, activities, and miscellaneous information, whom can I trust to see it Everyone knows people who love to gossip, should we naturally hide all posts from these people by using privacy settings or should we make a determination every time with Google+ circles and Facebook's 'lock' feature

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