Human, Environment and Future with KEUMJUNG Surface Technology
Human, Environment and Future with KEUMJUNG Surface Technology
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Raw materials for surface technology

Years of seasoned expertise in the painting and coating industry, are transfigured into these HUMAN, ENVIRONMENT and FUTURE; these are seemingly not only the most sought-after key words but are symbolic at least for KEUMJUNG ( When CEO Mr. Hyo-Dong Jang is referring to them while greeting your on-line visit, you pay attention. Then he goes on pinning their success on another trio of symbols: EFFORT, COMPETITIVENESS and BEST QUALITY. Also, for better service, they have been within the self-imposed philosophy of "Value Creation for Customers, Make Labor Efficient and Technology Creation for Human Beings."  It is HUMAN and ENVIRONMENT, because of their innovative solutions that are enhancing and beautifying our ENVIRONMENT for HUMAN.

And leading the market with high quality emulsion products and epoxy curing accelerators,  KEUMJUNG is offering, what they proudly claim, revolutionary creations; they are epoxy curing accelerator, sag control agent; anti-sagging agent, anti-settling agent, some specialty agent, which are including emulsion for road marking paint, waterproof emulsion, CHPO paste, and their latest creation HiesCat HI-54K.

KEUMJUNG's Revolutionary Products

HiesCat Hi-54K epoxy curing accelerator (solvent-based and solvent free coatings, adhesive mortar and casting resins) is a technical grade of tri (dimethylaminomethyl) phenol. It is also a versatile base accelerator for epoxy resin systems as a rapid-curing agent. Its target applications are (both as a curing agent in adhesive area and as an activator for the other

curing agents for polyamine, polyamides, carboxylic anhydrides or polysulfides) marine coatings, heavy duty coating, floor coating, and other industrial coatings for epoxy resin systems.

Notably, it shows a remarkable high level of effective compatibility with polyamines. And several recognizable names like Hempel, JOTUN, PPG and POINTER are standing up for its quality.  RHETHIX SG-720 & 720EX, based on Polyamide Was Paste in Xylene and Alcohol, applies to anti-sagging agent for solvent-based coatings; its main use includes marine coatings, heavy duty coatings, and the other all industrial coatings. If any difference between 720 and 720EX, they are pertinent to anti-sagging properties and seeding which SG-720EX has more than SG-720.

With the chemical composition of powder type of Anti-Sagging Agent based on Polyamide Wax, RHETHIX SG-600's application and its main use is as the same as that of RHETHIX SG-720 & 720EX. RHEOTHIX SG-500 Series is made of Polyethylene Was in Xylene; its application is anti-settling agent for solvent-based industrial coatings. Metallic Orientation Additives are RHEOTHIX SG-205&210(EVA was in Solvent Blends) and RHEOTHIX KJ-9200SA (Polyacrylic Resin including Gel Particles), and their applications are all solvent-borne Metallic Coatings for SG-205,210 and solvent-borne metallic coatings for KJ-9200SA.

Global, Market-Focused and Value-Based Supplier

Last but not least, the third symbol is FUTURE, because KEUMJUNG keeps investing in the research and development as customers are raising the bar of expectations high and is setting up a systematic training system for their employees aiming for becoming a TRULY GLOBAL, MARKET-FOCUSED, VALUE-BASED PRODUCTS supplier.

KEUMJUNG has been awarded as the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2008.

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