iZEN De-constipates Bidet Perceptions
iZEN De-constipates Bidet Perceptions
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In the bathroom, things happen; people are taking a look in the mirror for beauty, taking a bath for hygiene and taking care of their calls of nature for health. The bathroom to-do list gets checked every day, which, as a barometer, means his or her health is or is not on a warning level. Among the list, one item might have to go first up; this is one somewhat important indication of how well our body system regulates, so it is no simple matter. And a device called a 'bidet' that is taking care of business comes into play, but people tend to rather stubbornly sniff at it until iZEN (www.izenseat.com) clears their constipated perceptions.

On the surface, there seems to be more things in common than differences, but if any, they have plenty of different brand names. And they have all these similar washing, hygiene, and control-related features, some with a few more; people would end up either giving up or picking up a cheap and poor one with no substances. This is why IZEN feels the need for speed and is racing ahead of peers with the head-and-shoulders-above features.


IZEN's Unique Features

iZEN uses its unique warm water provision system that is simultaneously heating water for each use, resulting in higher hygiene levels while saving energy. This instant water warming system is another trailblazing technology in the industry, enabled with double sheath heater application, flow valve and high performance micom.

Water stream could be the main determiner for any customer who is focusing on its quality and decent function. iZEN's bidet water stream from three nozzles mixed with air bubbles makes people feel comfortable with tenderness and personally washed.

And here is how iZEN not only clears our constipating perception but also constipation. It is one of the major features that truly sets itself apart from the others; iZEN's water stream from a separate regular motion nozzle massages your inner part (this is enema effect), discharging any feces and toxic gas.

And iZEN bidet allows an easy installation for many different toilets out there; it fits all sizes with a small extra adjustment. With its one-touch release, housewives can take it out or put it back at their convenience for cleaning. And its connecting part to a toilet seat is flexible enough to prevent it from breaking apart. Plus, ultrasonic vibration fusion technology keeps iZEN bidet still and gapless between a bidet and a seat. The others are release-type deodorizing cartridge, urine protection pump, two embedded ultra-fine filters, super quiet pump motor and air-bubble washing.


Boundaryless, Creative idea and Value

iZEN began its operation first in 2002. With iZEN's ideas of Boundaryless, Creative idea and Value, the company is delivering a true value world-wide and even privately into people's bathroom.

Izen Co., Ltd has been awarded as the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2009

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