MP Device's Technologies Respond to the Needs of our Time
MP Device's Technologies Respond to the Needs of our Time
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A few days ago, a terrorist disguised as a policeman opened fire at a youth camp in Norway, causing many casualties among the youth. During the coverage of the horrifying terrorist attack, news media reported a text message exchange between a mom and her daughter. During the rampage, the panicked daughter called to her mom on the spot and was asked to send her a sign of life every fifth minute through text messages. While reassured by her mother's text messages, the daughter was able to write her mom that the police had got the terrorist, and readers felt warmth through the cold machine the size of a hand. Years ago during the Deague subway fire in Korea, hundreds of text message were found exchanged between the victims and their loved ones, and moved many to tears. Inside the small subway with burning flames and dense smoke, people saw no death but the last message from their loved one delivered through a cellphone, where the power of telecommunications culminated.

Products by MP Device

MP Device manufactures components for wireless communication equipment that is installed at wireless communication base stations. With its own technologies, it supplies products to renowned telecommunication providers worldwide. Its components are used to connect consumers to a communication web installed by major telecommunications companies. MP Device is specialized in high-frequency components such as RF Coaxial Connector, Cable Assembly, Termination, Cavity Filter and PIMD Analyzer, a basic component for base stations of wireless communications. Recently, MP Device has successfully developed low PIMD passive components with 165dBC as their main products. Passive Inter-Modulation Distortion analyzer, or PIMD analyzer, measures and assesses an inter-modulation problem engendered by broad-band wireless telecommunications system. To put it simple, wide use of smart phones has promoted construction of wireless telecommunications system with high capacity and high speed. Within the system, a large number of users exchange information that contains voice, text and images simultaneously, and increases the possiblity of inter-modulation and distortion with a growing number of real life examples. So far, Korea has imported an analyzer to fight the problem at high price, which called for development and supply of a low PIMD analyzer from a Korean manufacturer. MP Device's PIMD passive components, major parts installed inside PIMD analyzer, responds to the needs and enables to easily analyze RF components and solve the serious inter-modulation issue in wireless telecommunications system.

Technology that meets the needs of the time

Though consumers do not meet the products directly, it is the components that enable consumers to use their daily communications gadgets comfortably. At the time when text or voice were enough to send information, technology that secures information delivery was less demanding. However, when transmission of photo, sound and image files is widespread and the quantity of transinformation is on the rapid increase, improper transfer of information causes more serious communication problem. When 2 seconds are enough to download a movie, the needs for PIMD analyzer is ever-increasing.

MPDevice Co., Ltd. has been awarded as the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2009

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