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SK Telecom Decides to Promote Different Phone Models

>> Will Launch Series of Ambitious Models with New Designs, Functions

Leading mobile telecommunications operator, SK Telecom plans to launch a series of new phone models with far improved designs and function with an aim to remain as market leader in the two-way number movement market and provide quality services to customers. The new phone drive is to reflect the current trend that mobile customers now consider design and function of phones most in choosing a service firm, and also to cope affirmatively with the resumption of operations from August 29, the company explained.

At the same time, SK Telecom plans to put more "pivot" models on the market in line with the increasing demand for visual pictures resulting from the greater installation of multimedia functions in mobile phones. Encouraged by good sales of Samsung Electronics' "SCH-V500" model, made exclusively for SK Telecom services and which records daily sales of 1,500 units, the company plans to launch a follow-up model, the "SCH-V600". Pantech and Curitel's P1 and PH-S3500 will make debut shortly, SK Telecom will also develop its satellite-based DMB (Digital Multimedia Broadcasting) device as a "pivot" product. Sliding antenna type phones will showcase neat designs and also be strategic models during the second half. Phones such as Samsung Electronics' SCH-S140 and SK Tele-Tech's IM-7400 will debut soon. At the same time, SK Telecom will introduce bar-type retro designs which prevailed seven to eight years ago.

SK Telecom said that in picking a mobile telecom service, the importance level of phone design and function jumped from 19 percent in 2002 to 22.1 percent in 2003 and 29.2 percent in 2004 according to its in-house survey. That's why the company has renovated its mobile phone line-up toward one that is design-oriented, the company explained.

Kim Hyung Keun, SK Telecom's mobile device division manager, said that at the moment of actual purchase, the phone design becomes the most influential factor, and more customers prefer devices with diverse functions such as MP3, camera, game and financial transactions, aside from voice communications. "SK Telecom plans to meet different customer needs through the new product line-up with multi-functions and brand-new designs," said Mr. Kim.

by Hong Suk-un, Editor /

Juniper Grabs 57% of World's SSL VPN Market: Infonetics Report

>> Ranks Top in Intrusion Detection Systems As Well

J uniper Networks took 57 percent of the world's SSL VPN product market in the second quarter of 2004, the company announced, quoting the report, "VPN and Firewall Appliances and Software Quarterly Worldwide Market Share and Forecasts for 2004" released by market research firm, Infonetics Research.

The world's SSL VPN market is estimated to reach $466 million by 2007, according to the report. Juniper's high-ranking official in charge of security products said that Juniper's vision for ubiquitous security access business completely coincides with demand from enterprise users, and so Juniper's leadership will be stronger for the time being in the SSL VPN market. "As Juniper Networks' SSL VPN products provide the latest technology and thorough security that helps customers get access easily and safely to network resources whenever and wherever they want, our company has continue to lead the market," the official added.

Juniper was also revealed to take a 37- percent share of the world IDS product market, ranking top in shipments according to another Infomatics report, "Intrusion Detection and Prevention System Products - Quarterly Worldwide Market Share and Forecasts for 2004."

Nexus Community Wins Big Call Center Contracts

>> Supplies Seoul City's Traffic Card, Korea Home Shopping Solutions

CIM (customer interaction management) solution supplier, Nexus Community has recently won business for its call centers from Seoul City's Traffic Card, Work Information Center and Post Office Call Center Express. Besides these public organizations, the company has obtained contracts from Korea Home Shopping.

Nexus Community supplied 60 seats to Seoul City's Traffic Card and Work Information Center and 100 seats for the Post Office Call Center Express site.

Starting with Daegu Fire Headquarters in 1998, Nexus Community has provided solutions to such public organizations as the National Tax Service, National Pension Management Corp., Ministry of Labor, National Customs Office, Military Manpower Administration and Seoul District Police Office. Negotiations are underway with others such as Korea Food and Drug Administration, Korea Electric Power Corp. and Korea National Railroad.

Nexus Community also supplied 225 seats to Korea Home Shopping via a specialized CTI building company, UB Systems. As Korea Shopping adopts a deferred-payment method of purchase, the introduction of this outbound solution will help smooth payment management drastically.

Nexus Community also supplied outbound solutions to Kyowon Nara Auto Insurance, Sky Life, LG Insurance and SK Life Insurance. Through aggressive marketing, it plans to expand its market share in the specialty outbound sector.

Park Kun Young, domestic business manager of Nexus Community said that the recovery of the call center market and expansion in the public sector helped boost business. Korea Home Shopping's installation of outbound call centers will spark similar moves from other companies in the industry, he forecast.

Nortel Networks Korea Builds WLAN IP Telephony Solution at W Seoul Walker-Hill Hotel

>> New Solution to Help Hoteliers Use Voice, Text Service in Mobility

Nortel Networks Korea has recently built a VoWLAN (Voice over wireless local area network) in the newly opened luxury hotel, W Seoul Walker- Hill Hotel. Nortel Networks' channel partner, ECS Telecom carried out the construction. With the building, employees of the new hotel can use high-quality mobile voice communications services. Ahead of the installation of VoWLAN, W Seoul Walker- Hill Hotel built Nortel Networks' Succession 1000 IP PBX which can be linked seamlessly with the WLAN system.

The WLAN IP telephony solution consists of 60 units of Nortel Networks' WLAN handset 2211, WLAN IP telephony manager 2245, WLAN application gateway 2246, pocket PC-based PDA-use WLAN 2050 MVC (Mobile Voice Client) 2050 soft phones.

Nortel Networks Korea noted that IP telephony WLAN handset 2211 provides firm support for VoWLAN applications and clear voice quality. All its IP telephony functions are carried out by portable IP devices and a Walkie-Talkie function is also available.

Martin Jones, general manager of the hotel, said that "W Seoul Walker-Hill Hotel is the first W hotel, and is a new catalysis based on the tradition of Star Wood's renovation and superiority. The hotel is providing latest wireless mobile technology to staffers so that they can provide timely and efficient services to customers and cooperate more tightly with coworkers and suppliers," he stressed. The newly opened W Seoul Walker- Hills is the 19th W-class hotel across the world, and the first of its kind in Asia.

POS DATA Enters U.S. Federal Procurement Market

>> Security Device DVR Meets GSA Supplier Requirements

POS DATA announced that its digital video recorder (DVR), POSWATCH, has met the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA)'s requirements for suppliers.

This is the first time that a Korean DVR product has satisfied requirements for the GSA Schedules under its own brand name, rather than on an OEM (original equipment manufacturing) basis.

The company explained that the GSA Schedule is granted only to products whose quality and price competitive edges have already been proved in the U.S. market. With the award of GSA Schedules, POSDATA can deliver its DVR products to the U.S. federal and state government agencies, including the White House, without going through separate qualification screening procedures.

Now that the demand for DVR is soaring from U.S. airports, seaports, and border lines after the 9/11 attacks and POS DATA has already been supplying its DVRs for major buildings in the U.S. such as Christie's and Madison Square Garden in New York, the company expects that it can shift the focus of its exports from the private to the public sector.

Lee Young-sook, managing director for the DVR business, said, "The size of the IT procurement market of the U.S. federal government has expanded rapidly. Thus, we plan to market aggressively in the U.S. market, such as through participation in the IT procurement process.

Macro Media Korea Launches 'Flash Video Kit'

>> Non-Experts Can Get Access Easily

Macro Media Korea has launched "Flash Video Kit," which supports easy insertion of offline video to web site without any specialty or professional knowledge. The kit includes flash video extension that helps add flash video to a web site very quickly. Macro Media Korea explained that the Macro Media flash video extension for Dream Weaver facilitates easy insertion of flash video to a web site without the use of flash making tools, as well as transfer of flash video through progressive download and streaming formula. Flash video can be seen through the Macro Media flash player used by 500 million web users around the world.

The Macro Media flash video streaming service, Lite, supplied by Vital Stream is a subset of the flash video streaming service and provides the rights to get access Vital Stream's contents network.

Future Systems Wins VPN Building Order from Ssangyong Fire & Marine Insurance

>> Project to Link All Company Outlets Across Nation

An information protect specialist, Future Systems has won a VPN building project from Ssangyong Fire & Marine Insurance that will link its main office, 10 regional headquarters and 100 offices. Ssangyong, now using MPLS VPN, decided to introduce VPN to cut network cable operating costs. After the introduction of VPN, the cable maintenance cost will be cut by more than 30 percent, the company expects.

Ssangyong plans to build a dual-line network in the sections between the main office and regional headquarters using VPN and exclusive cable for enhanced network stability. Kim Kwang-tae, president of Future Systems, said that the demand for VPN buildings has been booming among life insurance and nonlife insurance companies since last year. This is because insurers operate many small-scale agencies and sales offices across the nation and VPN insures cost-efficient and safe communications among them, he explained.

Future Systems built VPN systems for Korea Life Insurance, Kyobo Life Insurance, Yongyang Life Insurance, SK Life Insurance, Shinhan Life Insurance, PCA Life Insurance, New York Life Insurance, Dongbu Fire and Marine Insurance and MetLife Insurance.

Alcatel Constructs LAN in KEPCO Sales Offices

>> "Omniswich 7700" links 12 sales offices nationwide

Alcatel Korea has supplied the "Omniswich 7700" to KEPCO as part of its project of replacing backbone switches in sales offices nationwide. By replacing backbone switches, the Omniswich 7700 is expected to advance service quality for customers through improving the short-distance network that binds KEPCO sales offices nationwide. Alcatel Korea commented that it won the order on the basis of its switches' performance and price. The company now plans to promote itself in the commercial network appliance market through aggressive marketing.

Mr. Jung Y.H, managing director of Alcatel Korea said that the Alcatel Omniswich 7700 has been appraised as most suitable solution for small and medium enterprises on the basis of feedback from governments, hospitals, and other institutions. Also, he said that Alcatel Korea will actively concentrate on constructing Giga-bite networks in public institutions following completion of the LAN project for KEPCO.

Red Back Networks Supplies 'SmartEdge' Platform to French Firm

>> Part of Broad-band Network Expansion Project

Abroadband networking system provider, Red Back Networks has decided to operate its nextgeneration "SmartEdge" platform with Neuf Telecom of France to facilitate the network expansion of the French firm in order for it to catch up with the spiraling rise of its membership pool. Neuf Telcom attracts 150,000 new members each quarter.

Red Back Networks said that SmartEdge platform insures high performance, expandability and includes audio and video services, and thus can provide up-market services to subscribers.

Francois Paulus, Neuf Telecom's network division manager, said that the facilitation of broadband infrastructure is indispensable to buttress the rapid expansion. "The SmartEdge platform insures improved expandability and performance across the board, and thus will help the company meet the needs of its customers," he said.

ETRI Develops Multimedia Contents Service Tech.

>> Enabling Seamless, Integrated Services

The Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI)'s broadcasting and media research group has developed MPEG-21- based Universal Multimedia Access (UMA) technology.

The UMA technology enables broadcasting services of multimedia contents such as movies, drama and education contents to be relayed through wired and wireless Internet networks as well as through broadcasting networks. With the development of the technology, the same contents can be enjoyed through PCs, notebooks, smart phones and PDA as well as TV. It opens wide the telecommunications-broadcasting fusion environment.

The UMA technology was co-developed with Net & TV, Interinformation, Pix Tree and Kangwon University as part of the MPEG- 21-based broadcasting, telecommunications, fusion technology development project, which is managed by the Ministry of Information and Communication.

The new technology features MPEG-2/4 adaptability transformation and scalable coding, which enable contents interchange between broadcasting and telecommunications networks and transformation of contents in conjunction with characteristics of each device. In particular, the UMA technology adopts the color transformation scheme developed by ETRI and is already included in the MPEG-21 standards. Thus, those with weak eyesight will be able to enjoy natural colors.

The ETRI forecasts that the technology will spark consumption of contents and creation of new contents dramatically. Also, it will help advance the introduction of the latest services and products such as TV electronics transactions, interactive education broadcasting and two-way digital theaters.

3Com Korea Supplies Network Devices to GWDC

>> Provides Optimized Environment for Multimedia Application

>> Unveils Next-Generation Wireless Switch Solution Strategy

Anetwork device supplier, 3Com Korea has supplied its devices to the Gyonggido Women's Development Center (GWDC). The devices supplies are 3Com's LAN core backbone switch, Switch7700R, and workgroup switch, "SuperStack3 Switch 3226."

The GWDC supports women's professional IT education, business start-ups and a business information network. For the GWDC project, 3Com Korea installed Switch7700R with a redundancy function as a LAN core switch and linked users by a 24-port L3 switch, SuperStack3 Switch 3226, so that it could link two GWDC buildings with the same LAN.

Accordingly, GWDC employees and trainees could get easier and prompt access to a variety of application data including multimedia documents, and enjoy seamless and secure networking services.

Choi Ho Won, president and CEO of 3Com Korea, said that the company has succeeded in winning a series of public projects including one from Public Prosecutors' Office. "Our company will endeavor to secure more contracts in the second half with our high-performing enterprise devices," he added. Meanwhile, 3Com Korea unveiled a blueprint for wireless switch-based solutions that it will launch in preparation for the next-generation network environment where wireless and wired environments will be merged. The "Wireless Switch Solution Strategy" focuses on convergence, compatibility and broadrange product line-up and service.

Convergence means linking voice and security services to wired/wireless networks. Compatibility makes for joint use of wired/wireless products from other companies by supplementing 3Com's wireless access points. Broad-range product line-ups and service embrace central control solutions and security and voice applications, virtual LAN and PoE technology.

3Com Korea plans to cooperate with an enterprise wireless LAN firm, Trapeze Networks in order to advance the launch of major components for wireless switches. 3Com Korea will jointly develop wireless hardware and software with the partner and will work together to integrate wireless functions into its wired products.

"The prime strategy for 3Com to secure entry into the enterprise market is to forge partnerships with cooperative firms," the president said. Through the alliance with Trapeze Networks, 3Com could enhance its enterprise wireless product lines, customers could count on firmer network management via 3Com's various wireless switch solutions, and the company could consider the introduction of VoWLAN in the coming years.

by Lee Kwang-jae, Reporter/

Fortinet Korea Launches "FortiGate 5000" Network Security Platform

>> Integrated Security Solution that Supports ATCA

Fortinet Korea (, an ISP solution provider, has launched "FortiGate 5000" series. The FortiGate-5000 series antivirus firewalls are chassis-based systems that broadband service providers can be used to provide subscriber security services such as firewall, VPN, antivirus protection, spam filtering, web filtering and intrusion prevention (IPS). The wide variety of system configurations available with the FortiGate-5000 series provides flexibility to meet the changing needs of growing high performance networks. The FortiGate-5000 series chassis supports multiple hot-swappable FortiGate-5001 modules and power supplies.

The Fortigate 5000 series, since its initial development phase, had targeted specific applications within large companies, telecom service providers, and MSP networks, a Fortinet Korea spokesman said. This particular platform allows an extension between 2 blades and 14 blade, having a uniform chassis system. The Fortigate product series was designed to support the standard application platform to ATCA specifications, sponsored by Intel.

The Fortinet 5000 series will improve the performance of security system providers by as much as six-fold. Fortigate officials said that the entire series of Fortigate 5020 (2 slots), 5050 (5 slots), and 5140 (14 slots) was composed of anti-virus firewall processing modules and Fortigate 5003 switch modules.

"The Fortinet 5000 series is significant for to us in that they are products for telecommunications service providers and large companies, whom we have not introduced into Korean market thus far," said Fortinet CEO Kenji on a visit to Korea for the launch of the new series. On the other hand, the Fortigate 5020 2 slot, the 5-slot 5050, 5001 and the 5003 blade are on sale at certified Fortinet dealers. The 5140 series will make its debut in 4Q 2004.

Tandberg to Strengthen Foothold in Korean Market

>> Aims to Promote Greater Use of Visual Communications Products

Tandberg, a leading global providers of video communications systems, software and services began in Norway in 1933 and now has dual headquarters located in New York and Oslo.

It supplies its product to 90 countries worldwide. On the occasion of his visit to open the Korean branch the company vice president said that Korea is the established test market in the technology sector, and has a high growth potential in the video communication system market, adding, "Through positive marketing and high-end customer service, our company is penetrating the domestic visual conference system market initially and will promote greater use of visual communications services throughout the Korean manufacturing, education and health care sectors."

At the opening of the Korean branch, Tandberg introduced its products embodying its MXP technology, which dramatically improves audio and video delivery. The products vary from generaltype to high-end models. Among them, the "Maestro" boasts two-way video communication involving links with projectors and display devices.

"Tandberg devices are used as cost- and time-saving solutions in business, medical, educational, manufacturing and production fields around the world, and Korean enterprises and provincial bodies are now beginning to introduce its video conferencing systems," he said. With particular regard to the m a n u f a c t u r i n g sector, the system enables prompt communications with overseas factories, he explained.

Tandberg also participated in ITU Telecom Asia 2004 held in Busan where it introduced its MXP technology and related solutions.

NMS Communications joins in development of additional communication service for disabled persons

>> Supplies OpenAccess solution for China's "caring hotline"

NMS Communications, which provides next-generation communication solutions, is aiding the development of communication services for disabled persons. NMS Communications operates its "OpenAccess" integrated voice and data telecommunication services for 60 million disabled persons in China. This "caring hotline" service provides diagnoses and treatment guides, advice on medical law by calling 95178 on both wire and wireless networks.

This service integrates voice, SMS, and Internet services in a single platform or "Smart Center". The Smart Center provides a complex information service platform through the OpenAccess solution, and is united by multiplex functions such as PABX (Private Automatic Branch telephone eXchange), IVR (Interactive Voice Response), ACD (Automatic Call Distribution), fax, e-mail, voice mail, unified messaging and on-line chatting.

Brough Turner, Vice-President, Technology NMSCommunication said that the OpenAccess solution one is an example of constructing a multiplefunction communication platform and operating in any network. Thus, it is more useful to disabled persons, who need instant care because a connection is immediately made by pressing numbers. Meanwhile, The Smart Center platform for this "caring hotline" service was developed by Shenzhen Yin Tong Communication, and the hardware was supplied by China CyerPower.

Google Kicks off "Hangul" News Search Service

>> Enables Search of Five Hundred Hangul News Sources at a Time

The Internet search portal, Google has started its "hangul" news service under which a search of more than 500 items of hangul news sources is possible. The Google news service will provide links to a wide scope of hangul news texts and related photos across the globe. The same type of news service will be also be available in Japan, Google sources said.

Jonathan Rosenberg, Google vice president in charge of products, said that a variety of news featuring different views on a certain issue can be searched through Google news service. "Hangul news service conforms to Google's commitment that enables its users to search information around the world easily and usefully," the vice president said.

Google news' interface displays categorized news headlines and photos, ranging from major news, politics, economy, society, culture/living, world, information/science, sports and entertainment. Internet surfers can access the hangul version of Google news through" or by clicking onto "news tap" at " kr."


Aiming for Leadership in Embedded Processing Industry

>>Targeting Major Biz in Autos, Home Appliances, Wireless Networks

Motorola's semiconductor division was spun off in April and incorporated into an independent company named Free Scale Semiconductor(FSS). The company is supplying semiconductor related components to automobile, home appliances and wireless network industries around the world. The new company set up a branch in Korea in August and is working hard to penetrate the domestic market, dubbed as a "test-bed" for the IT industry.

by Lee Kwang-jae, Reporter /

The Asian region, inclusing China, India, Australia and Korea accounts for as much as 40 percent of our total sales. Korea especially is one of the fast growing markets, a hotbed of adoption for the latest technology trends and is thus becoming a progressively more important market for us. Failing in the Korean market means failing in the global market," said Michel Mayer, chairman and CEO of FSS.

After the establishment of company, the chairman embarked upon an Asian tour during which he visited Korea. "I'm very pleased that we have established a Korean operation," said Mr. Mayer in Seoul. "The Korean market is very important to us, and that's why we have taken on board capable personnel like Mr. Lee Jae-Boo, who is president of FSS Korea" he revealed.

Free Scale Semiconductor was spun off from Motorola and was subsequently traded independently.

The company is headquartered in Austin, Texas, and pursues design, manufacturing and marketing businesses in 30 countries across the world. Free Scale Semiconductor ranks third in the global semiconductor market, following Intel, Texas Instruments (TI).

The company chairman said, "Free Scale has a healthy financial structure with cash holdings reaching as much as $2 billion, and boasts top-notch technology levels with some 49,000 patents secured." The new company is confident of the success in the Korean market since it is based on the firm foothold that the Motorola semiconductor division has achieved here. To this end, Free Scale set up a Korean branch in August and is recruiting local experts to assist it in its marketing drive.

Mr. Mayer went on to say that Korea has the one of the world's highest broadband penetration rates and is a firm leader in the automobile and home appliance sectors. With the Korean branch opened, the company is making all efforts to consolidate its position in Korea, the chairman disclosed.

FSS plans to focus its energy on three sectors: automobiles/home appliances, wireless infrastructure and networking.

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