Amazon Student App; Students' New Best Friend
Amazon Student App; Students' New Best Friend
  • Natasha Willhite, US Correspondent of Korea IT Tim
  • 승인 2011.08.16 07:13
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Minnesota, USA -August 15, 2011 - Amazon opened itself up for easier business for students by adding an Amazon Student App for the iOS devices; it allows for students to buy and sell books, clothes, fun gadgets,  DVDS and much more. Amazingly, the app lets students scan items and have them shipped directly to their homes. Instead of hauling books from the student bookstore or paying the high prices on campus, students have easy and quick access to all the items online. If students are curious about the value of their current merchandise, they can also use the barcode scanner if they are at a store and see their items. With just a click, it's a buy or a buyback item.


In the college world, it is obvious that there is one friend for students: Amazon. Schools tend to do anything to force students to buy new books off their shelves; new and expensive customized textbooks, for instance. With the numerous books that students need, Amazon recognizes the need students have to price shop; obviously students do not have much money. Instead of taking time to sit on the computer and then run to the bookstore -since some schools refuse to give out the booklist without physically walking inside the store - it can all be done at one place. Students easily compare prices with just a scan; either they can take the book or choose to have a book sent to them via Amazon. That is if not all the books are 'customized' for the university.


Trading back books could never be easier; too many students make the mistake of taking their books back to the school, but quickly learn that a lot of the times they do not even get 10% for what they paid for the book. Luckily, Amazon buyback program tends to be fair and offers up to 70% of the price; it is also free to ship books and other items to Amazon. Shortly afterwards, students receive a gift card in the mail as payment for their items. The only effort students need to take is dropping their packages off in a drop box. Obviously this does not require more work than taking the books to the university since many universities have drop boxes on campus.

Students do not need to instantly buy their items after they are placed into the online 'shopping cart'; luckily there is still a 'Wish List' option which would allow someone else to purchase the items for the student -such as the loving parents or extra-giving friends. Perhaps some students will get a little crazy with their school items this year when it is too easy to scan anything and enter it into the Wish List.

If students are a part of Student Prime, they will receive free two-day shipping on items for six months. If students sign up at the right time, this could last for two semesters of books plus an interim term! Undoubtedly there is excitement in the college world now that Amazon is finding its way into our iOS devices.

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