New Korea Electric Focus on World-class Quality
New Korea Electric Focus on World-class Quality
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What is a transformer


You often see a long line of utility poles in the street with electric wires tangled up together, and two transformers that look like drum cans. Despite their familiar appearance, there are probably not many people who can give a correct answer when a curious child, pointing at a transformer, asks what it is. The drum-like transformer on utility poles is called a pole transformer. Transformers are necessary because the primary voltage supplied to an electric power line of the poles is as high as 3,300V or 6,600V. Sometimes, oblivious sparrows fly near the line and die from electric shock, and this leads to power failures in the nearby area. This kind of high voltage cannot be directly sent to households. So transformers distribute the electricity after lowering the voltage down to 110V or 220V, so that people can use the electricity safely.


World-class technology development

New Korea Electric develops and produces a variety of transformers from pole transformers to the environmentally-friendly VPI transformer. The latter in particular is the product of over 3 years of joint development with DuPont, and uses a special fire retardant material that prevents explosions or fire when a short circuit causes fire. In addition, the transformer can support a high level of overload in covering the quickly increasing power consumption. The fact that this product hardly leads to a discharge during the transformation process means reduced bills for electricity.  

Also, the space-efficient design adds to its utility. Reusable, hence environmentally-friendly, the VPI transformer is exported to a wide range of countries including the US, Canada, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, UAE, Indonesia, Philippines, India, Malaysia, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Kuwait, and Russia. With so many advantages like state-of-art technology, practicality, affordable price, and environmentally-friendly design, such global success was possible because of New Korea Electric's philosophy to focus solely on transformers for over 50 years. The company has developed their products to be beneficial to many people with the craftsmanship of artists.


New Korea Electric Co.,Ltd. has been awarded as the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2010

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