You'd Never Know It Was Recycled
You'd Never Know It Was Recycled
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Too many toner cartridges wasted

Most of those who have used a printer must have thought at one point that it is a waste to have to throw away an entire cartridge. Instead of simply changing the toner, the whole cartridge should be replaced when the toner runs out. Apart from the obvious economic factor, one cannot help but think that the discarded cartridges will contaminate the environment as they do not decompose for a long time.


Recycled cartridges - environmentally-conscious technology

It was this environmentally-conscious philosophy that led Combase to come up with a new idea to recycle used toner cartridges. The company undertakes a rigorous and meticulous process when refilling toner in order to accommodate a wide range of differences found in each manufacturer. The first step is what they termed a Matching Test in which the most suitable drum and toner are selected for a given toner cartridge. The company then orders new components such as toner, drum, and blade for the used cartridge after thorough examination, before checking the components of the cartridge by each LOT. LT-777 is the mesuring equipment used for this process, and the main priority is to determine the state of the internal parts including PCR and developing rollers. After the examination, the cartridege gets disassembled so that the drum section is separated from the developing section for before the toner is filled. It is also crucial to completely remove any remaining toner within the cartridge and clean the plastic parts like gears and side covers before refill. Once prepared, PCR, developing roller, and other main components are repaired to be used for the cartridge, with the help of Combase's own technology (patent No. 0359731). The infrared ray dryer is used for drying the repaired main parts for 24 hours before refilling the toner, and then the company's another unique invention, the auto-toner refiller (patent No. 0288578) makes sure to fill the correct amount. The parts that passed the Matching Test replace old components for reassembly. Although the products are ready to be used for daily purposes at this stage, Combase does not stop here and continues on to a final test in which all cartridges go through exterior checks and printing checks. During the second test, 5 percent of the finished products are randomly selected and examined by LT-777 for a number of items - from the space between drums, spots or lines on the print, white images, the space between developing rollers, and noise during printing. After this stage, most customers will not be able to distinguish these refilled cartridges from new products. Finally, a Combase sticker is attached to them, and they are then packaged with expanded polystyrene Styrofoam for protection. Non-interrupting PolyBag wrapping for this electric instrument simply shows how much effortthe company makes to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

Combase Inc. has been awarded as the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2009

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