Tough Strategy behind Cute Products at Aurora World
Tough Strategy behind Cute Products at Aurora World
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At a couple's anniversary, a bouquet of roses, a nice bottle of wine or a doll is among the must-have gifts. It would be ideal for a woman in her teens or 20s to receive a human-sized teddy bear from her boyfriend or partner. Many would remember their teddy bear as part of their youth, which they gave a name to, played together with, and slept with, 'til worn to rags and tatters. A doll given by her boyfriend will remind her of the bond with her loved one when away from home. It is suggested that a doll goes beyond the mere piece of cloth. To a child, it means a friend who spends time together and shares warmth.  And to a grown-up, it symbolizes love. A doll delivers way bigger meaning to be dismissed as a mere toy.

Cute Products

For Aurora World, a leading supplier of affordable and high quality gift products, the company mission is to deliver gifts of smiles to their customers, employees, and communities. It aims to give smiles to people stressed from overwork and relationship problems. It believes that a doll can make everyday lives easier by delivering warmth, though not able to solve difficulties in life. It is nothing other than the kids smiling at a doll brought by their father from work that releases his stress.

Tough strategies

To meet the mission, the Korean toymaker played tough, unlike the cute faces of its products. Since its 10th anniversary after established in 1990, the leading company in the field of character contents has openedd its manufacturing factories at developing countries, while local production corporation and sales subsidiaries were created in countries including Indonesia, Hong Kong and Chin. After a while, it has switched its focus to strengthen its design part through R&D efforts.

As a result,  the products are equipped with unique design and successfully distributed to the US, Germany and the UK through local sales networks. : An achievement attributed to its competitive advantage in design, product quality and competitive price. Aurora World has also successfully advanced into the US market. Their strategy to enter into worldwide market starts with localization through thorough field survey, followed by differentiated design and increased production line which enables small quantity batch production to meet various customer needs. It employs competitive pricing method, a method that sets price comparing to that of the competitor's, which facilitated to meet the needs of reasonable price from Americans. Its strategy that sets target market based on income and age group and produces tailor-made products for each group also played a role. For distribution, it raised recognition by the public through various exhibitions. With the increased awareness, the toymaker supplies the products to mega marts and high-end department stores. Behind its leading market share on the globe lies the endless efforts and thorough strategies.

Aurora World Corporation has been awarded as the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2010.

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