Neopharm – Technology to Treat the Untreatable
Neopharm – Technology to Treat the Untreatable
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What is MLE

Everyone's skin loses moisture and elasticity with age, and becomes dry and loose. Not surprisingly, these changes become evident on the skin. This type of skin needs hydration, but water can easily evaporate from the skin, which is why most moisturizers contain a considerable amount of oil. Although it is supposed to protect the water applied to the skin, the effect does not seem to last more than a couple of minutes.

However, a recent research project succeeded in creating a substance that resembles, in its structure, the outermost layer of human skin, i.e., the stratum corneum. Named Multi Lamellar Emulsion (MLE), its structural similarity increases the affinity of this substance for human skin, making it easily adsorbible. The ingredients of MLE, once absorbed into skin cells, enter damaged parts of skin and help them recover their original functions. In other words, MLE forms part of the new healthy skin layer.


Ingredients that keep moisture in the skin

When you look at the ingredients, it is no wonder that this substance helps skin recover its health. MLE supplies moisture to the skin after being absorbed into it, and then the hydrating ingredients such as Chia seed, ceramide, and honey protect the water in the skin. Among the natural moisturizing ingredients, ceramide is the one that is most helpful for atopic dermatitis.

The main function of ceramide is to protect the epidermis and enhance the skin barrier. In addition to moisturizing, it improves the skin's ability to recover from the damage caused by atopic dermatitis. Chia seeds, on the other hand, come from the fruits of needle leaf trees or coniferous forests. It is not only rich in omega-three acids, well-known for its anti-oxidant effects, but chia seeds also provide hydration to the skin. Honey protects the water in the skin as well.

This three-tier moisturizing system was designed to improve the skin's ability to fight against atopic dermatitis rather than directly attack and get rid of skin disorders. In addition, the formula does not contain paraben, PEG, artificial colors, fragrances, or alcohol.  Therefore it is safe for sensitive skin as well. Applying chemicals to skin extremely sensitized by diseases like atopic dermatitis can actually aggravate the condition. In fact, there is no medication that can completely eliminate such skin diseases, just like there is no cure to treat the common cold yet. However, with a little effort, the health of the skin can be improved to resist or quickly recover from atopic dermatitis. And Atopharm is there to block the fundamental causes of atopic dermatitis.


NeoPharm Co., Ltd. Corporation has been awarded as the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2010.

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