The significance of President Roh's official visit to Russia and Kazakhstan
The significance of President Roh's official visit to Russia and Kazakhstan
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Cooperation Pledged in the Interests of NE Asian Peace and Prosperity Kazakhstan: A Diplomatic Bridgehead to Advance Korean Interests in Central Asia

President Roh(left) and President Putin shake hands, pledging substantial cooperation between the two nations.
The significance of President Roh Moohyun's official visit to Russia as well as Kazakhstan lies in that the visit has formed the basis of substantial cooperation in the interests of Northeast Asian peace and prosperity. In the case of Kazakhstan, Korea has diversified its diplomatic effort, paving the way to advance national interests in Central Asia.

As for Korea-Russia relations, Seoul and Moscow have reconfirmed their close relations by declaring a new era of "mutual trust and comprehensive partnership" in expressing a firm determination to further develop bilateral relations. This choice of diplomatic language is a step forward from the "constructive and mutually supplementary relations" declared in June 1994 between the two nations, according to Chong Wa Dae officials.

In particular, it is worthy of notice that the two nations agreed to cooperate in the areas of energy, aerospace, information technology, and oceanic science as part of efforts to realize new relations.

Furthermore, President Roh Moo-hyun and Russian President Vladimir Putin adopted a 10-point joint declaration at the end of their summit, promising to hold further talks on a regular basis. The statement also spoke of strengthened cooperation to resolve the continuing impasse over North Korea's nuclear programs through dialogue and reconfirms the principle of a nuclear-free Korean peninsula.

"Roh and Putin also concurred on the need to closely cooperate to resolve the nuclear standoff through the on-going six-party talks," presidential aide for foreign policy Chung Woosung said during a media briefing on the outcome of the summit meeting.

The two nations are also set to join hands to prevent the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, fight terrorism and support the role of the United Nations for the promotion of regional security.

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